How to Use the Price and Availability Assistant

We've made it even simpler for you to check stock, availability, and prices.


On the Mouser Online Services and Tools page choose Price and Availability Assistant. From there you can check products using three different methods:

  • Drag and drop or upload a spreadsheet
  • Copy and paste your data
  • Manually enter part numbers

Drag and Drop a Spreadsheet

We accept .xls, .xlsx, .csv, and .txt file types. Just drag your file onto the blue box to get started. We support up to 200 lines, and you can find a template file on the Price and Availability Assistant landing page.

Once you upload the spreadsheet you will be taken to the mapping screen. First, select what row your line items begin on. Then, you'll need to make sure the columns of your spreadsheet data match the dropdowns so that we search for the right information.

Copy and Paste your Data

  • Only one product can be entered per line.
  • Delimiter should remain consistent and be a pipe (|), tab, or comma (,).
  • Do not include a pipe, tab, or comma in any part numbers.
  • Both manufacturer and Mouser part numbers are acceptable.
  • Customer part number is also acceptable.
  • Customer part number must be less than 22 characters
  • If you do not specify a quantity, it will be defaulted to 1 (one)

Manual Entry

  • Enter a Mouser # OR a Mfr. #
  • Enter the desired quantities
  • Customer # is optional
  • Click on "Check Stock"

What if I have more than 5 part numbers?

Up to 200 parts can be entered at one time. To add lines to the form, enter a number between 1 to 200 then click "Lines to Form".

Can I use this form to add parts to my projects?

Yes, the Price and Availability Assistant can be used to add parts to a new or existing project. When you finish adding parts, click "Check Stock." On the results page, there will be a toolbar with an "Add to Project" button. Clicking this button will allow you to select which project you would like to add your new part list to.

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