How to Create a New BOM

Learn how to create a BOM spreadsheet and map your data.


FORTE, Mouser's intelligent BOM Tool transforms your imported bill of materials into industry-leading part research and purchasing platform. Set preferences for how you want your BOM to be processed such as currency, formatting, RoHS options, and more. The tool will even remember your preferences and column mapping for future BOMs.

Choose Import Method

Mouser's BOM Tool allows you to import your data in two ways:

  1. Upload your own spreadsheet file.
  2. Copy & Paste data directly.

Select your desired method and the tool will guide you through the rest of the steps to complete your BOM.

If you would like to use a spreadsheet to format your BOM but do not yet have one prepared, Mouser provides a sample template for you to utilize.

Upload Spreadsheet

Click on the Upload Spreadsheet icon or text to open the upload screen and select your Excel file.

For compatibility with Mouser's BOM Tool, the spreadsheet file must follow these criteria:

  • XLS, XLSX, or CSV format.
  • Less than 4 megabytes in size.
  • File name less than 260 characters.

To upload a spreadsheet:

  1. Select the Browse button.
  2. Choose your spreadsheet from the file browser.
  3. Click the Upload My Spreadsheet button to upload your file.

Uploading your spreadsheet may take a few minutes. Once complete, you will see a confirmation message.

If your file has exceeded the number of allowed lines, either reduce the number of lines in your BOM or request a line increase.

Copy & Paste

Instead of uploading a spreadsheet, you may copy and paste or manually enter your desired part numbers.

Data must be submitted in the following format:

  • One (1) part number and one (1) desired quantity per line.
  • Either Mouser's part number or the manufacturer's part number are acceptable.
  • Separate part numbers and quantities with a pipe ( | ) or space.

Example: C1005X7R1H104K050BE 1000 VS-1EFU06-M3/I|50

How To Submit copy and paste data:

  1. Paste or manually entered desired data.
  2. Format the data to follow the needed format.
  3. Click the Import My Data button to submit the data.

Submitting your data may take a few minutes. Once complete, you will see a confirmation message.

If your file has exceeded the number of allowed lines, either reduce the number of lines in your BOM or request a line increase.

Mapping Your Data

In order to effectively import data from your BOM, it is important for you to select the fields which correspond to known fields in the Mouser data.

At least one of the following options must be mapped or selected from the drop-down menus to process your BOM.

  • Mouser Part Number or
  • Manufacturer Part Number

The "Next" button is disabled until you have made your selection. Click "Next" to proceed to the options screen.

Customize Options

Different users require different formatting and information on their BOMS. Mouser's BOM Tool allows for customization when managing and processing your BOM.

Name Your BOM

You are able to give your BOM a unique name. The name must not already exist as one of your Saved BOMs and must be under 260 character in length.

Choose Your Currency

A list of available currencies for your country will be presented. Select the currency you require for the pricing for your BOM.

RoHS Compliance

Determine the level of material compliance needed for your BOM product matches:

  • Yes - Filters BOM matches to provide only products which are RoHS-compliant.
  • No - Returns all BOM matches regardless of RoHS compliance status.

BOM Processing

Once your options are finalized, Mouser's BOM Tool will begin matching the items in your BOM. The processing time may range from a few moments to several minutes based on the size of your BOM.

If your BOM is taking a long time to complete, you can safely navigate away from the processing screen while the BOM Tool continues to match your items. When you are ready to return to your BOM, it can be found on the Saved BOMs page.

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