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Grant Imahara holding a dev board

"We are truly saddened by the passing of Grant Imahara. His work was both entertaining and inspiring to people of all ages around the world. In his own, unique way, Grant showed how robotics and engineering can be fun. Our deepest condolences go out to his family at this difficult time. We will miss our friend, colleague, and fellow engineer. His passion for innovation will always be remembered. Rest in peace."
-Mouser Electronics & The TTI Family of Companies

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Designing an Idea - V4, Issue #1

eBook: Designing an Idea - V4, Issue #1

Prototyping with Purpose
V4, Issue #2

Prototyping with Purpose - V4, Issue #2

Designing for Manufacturability
V4, Issue #3

eBook: Designing for Manufacturability


Featured Tech: ADI Technology

Analog Devices has earned its reputation for taking on engineering’s toughest challenges by developing the components used in myriad end-solutions that are defining digital transformation...

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Featured Tech: Intel

Intel’s history is replete with innovative firsts: the first EPROM, the first 8-bit microprocessor, the first MCU, the first single board computer, just to name a few...

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Featured Tech: Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology provides innovative, comprehensive system solutions that enable the creation of smart, connected and secure designs...

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Featured Tech: Molex Technology

Molex has established a well-deserved reputation for providing innovative interconnect solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers...

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Blog 9: To Patent or Not to Patent

To Patent or Not to Patent

Whether or not to file for a patent is a key decision many innovators must make. It is an expensive, time-consuming process, but it may be necessary for investors to take your idea seriously. This blog looks at the ins and outs of filing for patents, what you can patent, and when to do it.

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Blog 6: Fab Labs Are Great Resources for Prototyping

Fab Labs Are Great Resources for Prototyping

Fab labs offer a way for engineers to quickly begin building prototypes. They provide reliable access to equipment and workspace at a reasonable cost with the added benefit of access to a community of engineering-minded people. The key is finding one that fits your project needs.

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Blog 5: If You Build It, Will They Come?

If You Build It, Will They Come?

The essential hardware innovation question of “If you build it, will customers buy it?” keeps every maker, innovator, and founder of a startup awake at night. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to answer that question before investing a significant amount of time and money in a new idea.

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Blog 4: A Lesson in Innovation: Bishop Curry and Oasis

A Lesson in Innovation: Bishop Curry and Oasis

Innovations begin with ideas. Middle schooler Bishop Curry’s idea came as the result of a tragedy. Believing the tragic accident was totally preventable, he sketched a solution, raised money through crowd funding, and built a prototype. Now he owns the patent..

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Blog 8: Proof-of-Concept Funding and the Crowd Funding Option

Proof-of-Concept Funding and the Crowd Funding Option

Raising money to fund prototype development is always a challenge, but when it comes to proof-of-concept funding, crowdfunding offers a number of advantages over traditional funding sources. One of the most important is it gives you an early read on market interest in your idea.

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Blog 2: Saving the Thai Soccer Team

Saving the Thai Soccer Team

Mouser interviewed Uzi Hanuni, founder and CEO of Maxtech Networks, whose amazing radio communications equipment specially designed for challenging, emergency situations played a crucial role in the successful rescue of 12 boys and their coach from deep inside a cave in Thailand. Industry leaders from around the world say thank you to Uzi in this featured blog.

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Blog 3: 10 Inspirational Female Engineers

10 Inspirational Female Engineers

In honor of women in engineering, we’ve chosen 10 inspirational women whose work has transformed (or is currently transforming) engineering and society. Such women span from the inventor of the windshield wiper to that of the 1942 “Secret Communication System,” which became the foundation for modern cellular communication.

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Blog: Twitter Ad
Blog 7: Developing Your Design with the Help of a Hardware Accelerator

Developing Your Design with the Help of a Hardware Accelerator

Hardware accelerators offer investment, networking, and expert consultation on aspects of technical and business development. With the hardware innovation space more competitive than ever, this help is vital. As a startup, if you can’t develop your technology and grow fast, you will fall behind.

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Blog 1: Welcome to Innovation

Welcome to Innovation

Corporations and universities continue to play a key role in developing new technologies, but innovation is becoming more open than ever before. Easy idea sharing and development tools accessible to almost anyone are changing the face of innovation.

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