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Collaborative Robots - V2, Issue #1

eBook: Collaborative Robots

Service Robots - V2, Issue #2

eBook: Service Robots

Human 2.0 - V2, Issue #3

eBook: Human 2.0 - Download


Featured Tech: ADI Technology

Sensors with iSensor® IMU technology, Power by Linear µModules and precision isolated iCoupler products.

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Featured Tech: Intel

Visual intelligence using Movidious and RealSense technology, Optane memory and storage, plus FPGAs.

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Featured Tech: Microchip Technology

MCUs and DSCs from 8-bit to 32-bit devices, wireless connectivity and embedded security solutions.

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Featured Tech: Molex Technology

Innovative interconnect solutions engineered to solve complex challenges for designing industrial robotics.

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Human Augmentation and Arduino Technologies

Arduino microcontrollers are playing a major role in the development of prosthetics and devices for human augmentation.

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Exoskeletons Present Mobility Solutions Using an Array of Sensors

Using modern technology like a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and lightweight materials, exoskeletons are fast becoming a reality.

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Reverse Engineering K9: The Lovable Cobot Dog from Doctor Who

Although K9 is said to be from the year 5000, many of the highly advanced (and at the time, fictional) capabilities he possessed are now a reality in 2018.

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Blog 8: Robotic Suitcases Solve Several Travel Headaches

Robotic Suitcases Solve Several Travel Headaches

Tired of lugging your suitcase through the airport? Robotic suitcases will follow you through the airport, charge mobile devices, weigh themselves, and more.

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Blog 4: Android and Human Interaction: Warp Speed Ahead

Android and Human Interaction: Warp Speed Ahead

Humanity is proceeding with warp speed in the interaction between humans, robots, and even androids—robotic machines that resemble human beings.

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Augmenting Intelligence: Enabling Neural Networks

Current developments in artificial neural networks (ANNs) may lead to breakthroughs in robotic and human cognitive augmentation.

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Blog 7: Biodesign by Design: A Look at Soft Robotics

Biodesign by Design: A Look at Soft Robotics

Soft robotics research is inspiring the design of new materials and technologies that could enhance a service robot’s form, dexterity, and cue senses.

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Lost in Space Robot Evolves In Motion

Netflix’s reboot of the 1965 TV classic Lost in Space offers a fun way to appreciate the evolving technology behind inertial navigation systems. Changes in the Robinsons’ famous robot reflect advances from spinning gyros to tiny MEMS chips.

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Which Hardware in the Loop (HITL) Scenario Works for You?

Hardware in the Loop (HITL) is the only practical way to test complex system hardware and software, but developing the HITL system is a feat in itself.

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Blog 9: Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot

Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot

The new burger-flipping robot—called "Flippy"—at a California restaurant has solved employee retention and productivity issues.

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Ensuring the Electrical Safety of Powered Exoskeletons

Powered exoskeletons used in the medical and industrial sectors present potential risks that designers and engineers must resolve.

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Blog 10: Carrying an Intelligent Conversation with Chatbots

Carrying an Intelligent Conversation with Chatbots

A recent purchase experience left me frustrated, yet smiling when I realized that "Albert, the Customer Service Agent" was really "Albert, the AI Chatbot."

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Cobots: A Major Motion Feature of Star Wars

While the type of aliens, spaceships, and planets change throughout the epic Star Wars saga, one constant is that collaborative robots, known as droids, follow our heroes throughout.

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Robo-Pop: How Robots Came to Dominate Popular Culture

Robots have captured our imagination since Leonardo da Vinci’s medieval sketches, but humanity’s mania with humanoid mechanical beings—friend or foe—has only intensified. The last century saw robots becoming a cornerstone of pop culture, showing up everywhere from books to films, TV shows, and songs, continuing the takeover of human entertainment.

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