Supply chain complexity. Conflict minerals and the human rights abuses of mining these conflict minerals — Cassiterite (tin), Wolframite (tungsten), Coltan (tantalum) and Gold — has long been a troubling issue for the electronics industry. Passives market in particular has been vulnerable because of the prominent role tantalum capacitors play in the industry. Mouser Electronics works with our manufacturer partners and the electronics industry to help detect and eliminate disputed raw materials and end human trafficking in our supply chain. Based on the guidance and criteria from other organizations and regulatory/industry groups, Mouser does the following:

  • Support section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act
  • Work with manufacturers and ECIA to bring customers Conflict Minerals information
  • Mouser has made major changes to bring Conflict Minerals to our website for our customers
  • Adhere to all laws and standards on slavery and human trafficking