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Fool Me Once: April Fools' Gags 2014 Erik Smith

Another April Fools' Day is upon us, and with it comes a fresh helping of tech-based pranks. Followed by an inbox full of amazed e-mails from gullible family and friends.

Here's a helping of some of my favorite high-tech hijinks from around the web, in no particular order:

 Crowdtilt's Silicon Island

 What's more tempting to fall for than a $25million Maker's paradise built off the coast of California? A community with all the soylent food product you can eat and the only accepted currency is bitcoin. If it sounds too good to be true, well, check your calendar.



 Promising a "revolutionary new way to browse reddit", the "Hand Equivalent Action Detection" allows you easy, hand-free navigation of the popular website. Oh, and did we mention Cat Mode?


Oh, and speaking of cats...


LinkedIn's CYMK (Cat You May Know)

As well all know, success is built with talent and great connections. Sure, you may be connected with your boss, but even your boss has a boss. And that boss may be his cat. Hand in a purr-fect resume, and you'll be rolling in cat-nip in no time.


The HTC Gluuv(BETA)

Hoping to cash in on the demand for wearable technology and the abundance of discarded Nintendo Power Gloves, the HTC One Gluuv will integrate with your HTC One (M8), putting a seamless social, music and selfie experience in the palm of your hand. The HTC One Gluuv... it's so bad.


Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

This is hands down my favorite for 2014. Not that I fell for the notion of being hired by Google as a "Pokémon Master", but just the sheer interactivity of it. Connected with the Google Maps app on your smart phone, this is more than a prank, it's a hyper-addictive April Fools mini-game, and I'm hooked.


(Just don't tell my boss.)


Mouser Electronics - BS 2000

 OK, I MAAAAAY be biased here (full disclosure, I helped produce this video. And performed in it. And cast many friends and co-workers in it), but this send-up of lame infomercials left me in stitches.


What are some of your favorites? What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

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Erik is the Social and Multi-Media Manager at Mouser Electronics. When he’s not tweeting about what’s next in the world of engineering for @MouserElec or uploading videos to YouTube, he can typically be found nose-down in a good Sci-Fi book. You can see what he’s up to on Twitter: @ErikSmith80

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