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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

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Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

Part of Mouser's EMEA team in Europe, Mark joined Mouser Electronics in July 2014 having previously held senior marketing roles at RS Components. Prior to RS, Mark spent 8 years at Texas Instruments in Applications Support and Technical Sales roles and holds a first class Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering from Coventry University.

A Call for More Semiconductor Companies to Participate in Start-Ups Mark Patrick
Hardware Pioneers founder Fabiano Bellisario explains, “From the feedback we have had tonight it is clear that the Hardware Pioneers concept is continuing to gain ever greater momentum. There is a thriving, vibrant electronic engineering community out there and organising these events gives everyone a unique opportunity to learn about what other people are doing, discuss their own ideas and hopefully find new inspiration. The next stage for us,” he continues, “is to encourage more of the larger semiconductor companies to get involved and engage with the various starts-ups we are showcasing at these gatherings.”

Bend It Like – A Football? Mark Patrick
Organic OLEDs offer many advantages over traditional LEDs, but some difficulties in manufacturing have stalled their wholesale adoption by manufacturers. Can OLEDs overcome these roadblocks to becoming a mainstream display technology?

Perpetual Motion Machines: How the Industrial IoT Can Drive Greater Efficiency in Manufacturing Mark Patrick
We may not have endless energy reserves, but greater energy efficiency can be reached by using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Creating Safer Roads for Autonomous Vehicles Mark Patrick
Self-driving cars are a significant and exciting technological development, but the roads they drive on are ripe for transformation as well.

Hacking Driverless Cars Mark Patrick
Reducing the attack surface of autonomous driving hardware and software is an integral part of a safety development process and a particular challenge for developers.

Is Your Home Being Used as a Weapon? Mark Patrick
Late last year, the Internet was disrupted by a wave of attacks that knocked prominent sites offline, affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. The victims included users of Amazon, PayPal, The New York Times, government websites, GitHub, Twitter, Netflix, Xbox Live, and more than 70 other major sites.

Making Hearables a Hit Mark Patrick
Hearables—computing devices that fit into your ears and primarily use an audio interface—received a boost with the launch of Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds last year. However, AirPods are just a tentative first step for hearables, which are a potentially huge market that still seems up for grabs for whoever can developer a killer product.

Connecting the Human Body to the IoT Mark Patrick
Sometimes, it seems like the Internet of Things (IoT) concept is being shoehorned into markets which don’t need it—or at least, aren’t ready for it. But there are undeniable synergies between the IoT and healthcare applications, particularly medical devices that are wearable (or even implanted under the skin).

IoT Security: Place Your Trust in a Module Mark Patrick
Data security is a very hot topic at the moment. It’s rare to get through a day without hearing news of a large corporation or an individual getting ‘burnt’. That’s hardly surprising when virtually every facet of our lives involves technology and the storage of data: the streets of every town are thronged with people glued to their smartphones, just managing their daily existence. Of course, the more reliant on technology we become, the more complex the picture becomes, with increasing levels of product interconnectivity. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Here Comes the Sun Mark Patrick
A team of engineers in Germany is addressing the challenge of getting enough light with a new, app-controlled intelligent lamp. The HEAVN One is a desk lamp, a daylight lamp and a room illuminator, all in one. It takes the well-established idea of the health benefits of light, and expands it in three different ways.

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