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Optically Isolated Amplifiers ISOLATION AMPLIFIER

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Optically Isolated Amplifiers
RoHS:  Details
Analog to Digital Converter - ADC
1 Channel
5000 Vrms
74 dB
0.6 mV
5.5 V
3 V
- 40 C
+ 105 C
Cut Tape
Amplifier Type: Isolation
Brand: Toshiba
Current Transfer Ratio: -
Isolation Type: Optic
Operating Supply Current: 8.5 mA
Pd - Power Dissipation: 72 mW
Product: Optically Isolated Amplifiers
Product Type: Optically Isolated Amplifiers
Reference Voltage: 320 mV
Factory Pack Quantity: 1500
Subcategory: Optocouplers
Unit Weight: 0.007231 oz

TLP78x/TLP79x Isolation Amplifiers

Toshiba TLP78x/TLP79x Optically Coupled Isolation Amplifiers feature input side Sigma-Delta (∑-Δ) analog-to-digital converter technology (ADC). The ADC converts analog input signals into high-speed digital data streams with galvanic isolation based on optical coupling technology. This enables these devices to achieve a high level of linearity. TLP78x and TLP79x provide a guaranteed Common Mode Transient Immunity of 20kV/µs (typical @VCM=1kV, Ta=25°C). The optical barrier guarantees an isolation voltage of 5000Vrms (minimum). These Toshiba amplifiers offer extremely stable operation, even in electrically noisy environments, making them ideal for motor control applications.

Toshiba TLP78x0/TLP79x0 Isolation Amplifiers

Toshiba TLP78x0/TLP79x0 Isolation Amplifiers are optically coupled and comes with a delta-sigma AD converter. The delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter is at the input side of the amplifier. This enables the industry's highest level of linearity. These devices can detect small electric current and voltage fluctuations with high-precision. They also secure a CMTI (Common-Mode Transient Immunity) value of 20kV/μs (typical). This enables stable operation in electrically noisy environments making them suitable for motor control applications. Isolation is through an optical barrier with an isolation voltage of 5000Vrms (minimum). Typical applications include industrial equipment applications, including inverters, servo amplifiers, robots and power supplies.
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