Power Inductors - SMD 4.7uH 20% 35.8mOhms Pwr Indctr AEC-Q200

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Product Category: Power Inductors - SMD
RoHS:  Details
Power Inductor
7.1 mm x 6.5 mm x 3 mm
4.7 uH
20 %
5.6 A
39.4 mOhms
6.2 A
- 40 C
+ 125 C
PCB Mount
7.1 mm
6.5 mm
3 mm
Cut Tape
Application: Automotive
Brand: TDK
Product: Power Inductors
Product Type: Power Inductors - SMD
Self Resonant Frequency: -
Factory Pack Quantity: 1000
Subcategory: Inductors, Chokes & Coils
Termination: Standard
Test Frequency: 100 kHz
Unit Weight: 0.023281 oz

Power Inductors

TDK Power Inductors include commercial- and automotive-grade models for power applications. These inductors are offered in a broad range of options such as low-profile, compact, magnetically-shielded, lead-free, and more. Among these designs are models with characteristics such as low hum noise, high Q, narrow inductance tolerance, loss reduction, low DCR, and large-current capability. TDK Power Inductors are available in wirewound, multilayer, and thin-film technologies and are designed to suit various needs.

Automotive Products

TDK, recognized as an industry leader in passive electronic components, offers many product series related to automotive applications. TDK’s wide array of products, including MLCCs, inductors, ferrite beads, and more, utilizes specialized materials and unique structural designs. These materials and designs offer high performance and reliability under the most severe usage conditions and in the harsh environments found in automotive applications.


TDK Inductors are manufactured using state-of-the-art multilayer processing technologies, wire-winding technology, or thin-film technologies. TDK's unique multilayer processing technology provides higher inductance and Q characteristics as well as further miniaturization. The portfolio includes a wide spectrum of filters, SMT inductors, power inductors, transponder coils, and line reactors. These components are designed for use in high frequency, signal, and power circuits. TDK Inductors are ideal for a range of applications, including mobile devices, consumer electronics, solar power inverters, power supplies, onboard chargers, and automobile systems. AEC-Q200-qualified inductors are available.

PoE - Power over Ethernet Applications & Solutions

TDK PoE - Power over Ethernet Applications and Solutions feature TDK's expanded line of ALT series SMD pulse transformers to be used in combination with ACM and MCZ series common-mode filters. These are used in various PoE applications that are compatible with 1G/2.5G/5G/10GBASE-T, 10/100/1000BASE-T, and PoE+ (600mA) standards. PoE is a technology that allows electrical power and data transmission to be carried simultaneously through a single cable versus through a separate power cord and network cable. PoE reduces the number of cables and wires necessary for installation and allows for design flexibility, as device placement no longer relies on the availability of an electrical outlet. PoE is capable of supporting higher transmission speeds while still providing outstanding reliability and meeting compact design targets. TDK PoE - Power over Ethernet Applications and Solutions allow for greater scalability as the number of connected devices and LAN interfaces on each device continues to grow and more electronic components are used in servers and routers, as well as in other network and communication devices. 

SPM Series Power Inductors

TDK SPM Series Power Inductors include commercial and automotive-grade components for different usages, including low-profile options with heights as low as 1mm. Compared to ferrite wound-type inductors, the SPM inductors from TDK enable users to achieve a larger current, lower RDC, and a more compact design. These inductors feature low inductance variance in high-temperature environments and maintain good DC superimposition characteristics. SPM inductors are constructed from metallic magnetic material and have an integrated molded coil that reduces the humming noise more efficiently than with core adhesive coils. Suitable applications for these inductors include smartphones, tablet terminals, laptop computers, HDDs, car accessories, LED, ADAS, and more.

SPM-HZ Power Inductor Modules

Sumida SPM-HZ Power Inductor Modules use proprietary Power Supply in Inductor (PSI2) technology to offer high efficiency in small, low profile packages. Each module contains integrated power MOSFETs, driver, PWM controller, a high-performance inductor, input and output capacitors, and other passive components. The Sumida SPM-HZ Power Modules are non-isolated for use as point-of-load (PoL) power converters and features 12V input. The SPM-HZ components offer output voltages ranging from 5V down to 0.8V with a 6A maximum load for each module. Applications for Sumida SPM-HZ PSI2 modules include communications and industrial products, servers, consumer products, test equipment, and distributed power systems.

SPM-HZ Automotive Power Inductors

TDK SPM-HZ Series Automotive Power Inductors are wire-wound with a metal core. These inductors are magnetically shielded, and the structure has an integrated molded coil, resulting in lower hum noise than with ferrite core adhesive coils. Compared with ferrite wound inductors, the SPM-HZ series features large current, low RDC, and a small size. The SPM-HZ inductors also offer low inductance variance in high-temperature environments with good DC superimposition characteristics. TDK SPM-HZ Series Automotive Power Inductor are ideal for use in automotive power circuit applications such as car navigation and audio, electronic power steering, and headlights, among others.

Image Description
Infineon IAUC120N04S6L012ATMA1
MOSFET_(20V 40V)
Wurth Elektronik 74942300
WE-BMS SMT Transfomr 2Ch -40C/+125CAEC-Q200
Littelfuse SMCJ58A
1.5kW 58V 5% Uni-Directional
Analog Devices Inc. MAX6104EUR+T
Low-Cost, Micropower, Low-Dropout, High-Output-Current, SOT23 Voltage References
Diodes Incorporated AZ1117H-ADJTRG1
TDK SPM6530T-220M-HZ
22uH 20% 182mOhms Pwr Indctr AEC-Q200
4.7 kOhms 100mW 0603 1%
TDK SPM6530T-100M-HZ
10uH 20% 78.5mOhms Pwr Indctr AEC-Q200
3M D2550-6V0C-AR-WG
YAGEO RC0603FR-07470RL
470 Ohms 100mW 0603 1%