Ferrite Beads 0603 0.22ohm 25% 480mA AEC-Q200

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Product Category: Ferrite Beads
RoHS:  Details
Ferrite Beads
0201 (0603 metric)
120 Ohms
480 mA
25 %
220 mOhms
- 55 C
+ 125 C
0.6 mm
0.3 mm
0.3 mm
Cut Tape
Brand: TDK
Product Type: Ferrite Beads
Factory Pack Quantity: 15000
Subcategory: Ferrites
Test Frequency: 100 MHz
Type: Chip beads For general signal line
Unit Weight: 0.000011 oz

EV/HEV Battery Management System Applications

TDK Battery Management Systems (BMS) are critical in protecting not only the longevity of batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs, but also the overall safety and performance. TDK provides a comprehensive high-quality product portfolio designed to monitor and manage xEV battery system applications.

Chip Beads

TDK Chip Beads offer a noise reduction solution for a wide variety of applications. These chip beads include the MMZ-H, MPZ0402, HFxxACB / HFACC, MMZ, MPZ, MPZ-E Ferrite, MMZ-HE, and MMZ-E chip bead series. TDK Chip Beads are ideal for smartphones, tablets, portable game machines, industrial equipment, and car multimedia, depending on the model.

MMZ Chip Beads (SMD) for Signal Lines

TDK MMZ Chip Beads (SMD) for Signal Lines are designed to remove signal line noises from cell phones, PCs, TVs, DVDs, audio players, various modules, game machines, and more. These chip beads feature standardized sizes for automatic assembly equipment with no preferred orientation and have electroplated terminal electrodes that accommodate reflow soldering. The series offers high reliability due to its monolithic structure. The closed magnetic circuit structure allows high-density installation and crosstalk prevention between circuits, while the low DC resistance structure of electrodes prevents wasteful electric power consumption. The MMZ1005-E series offers broadband impedance values for higher frequency ranges. TDK MMZ Chip Beads (SMD) for Signal Lines are also available in AEC-Q200-qualified variants.

Image Description
Microchip MCP6001T-E/OT
Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Single 1.8V 1MHz
Microchip MCP73831T-3ACI/OT
Battery Management Charge mgnt contr
Microchip MCP73832T-2DFI/OT
Battery Management 4.2V Li-Ion/Li-Poly Chrg mgnt controller
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 50V 0.1uF X7R 0402 10%
Texas Instruments INA181A4IDBVR
Current Sense Amplifiers 26V, bi-directional, 350kHz current sense amplifier 6-SOT-23 -40 to 125
Panasonic ERA-2ARB4022X
Thin Film Resistors - SMD 0402 40.2Kohms 0.1% .063W 10ppm AEC-Q200
Vishay WSLP0805R1000FEA
Current Sense Resistors - SMD 1/2watt .1ohms 1%
Texas Instruments TMP236A4DBZR
Board Mount Temperature Sensors +/-2.0 C analog output temperature sensor, with 19.5mV/ C gain 3-SOT-23 -10 to 125
Murata GRM033C71A104KE14J
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 0.1 uF 10 VDC 10% 0201 X7S
Murata GRM0335C1E180FA01D
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 18 pF 25 VDC 1% 0201 C0G (NP0)