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Common Mode Chokes / Filters 1210 90ohm 25% 100mA AEC-Q200

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Product Category: Common Mode Chokes / Filters
RoHS:  Details
PCB Mount
1 Channel
90 Ohms
25 %
100 mA
1.75 Ohms
- 55 C
+ 125 C
0504 (1210 metric)
1.25 mm
1 mm
0.5 mm
Cut Tape
Common Mode Filters
High Speed Differential Signal Line
Brand: TDK
Filter Type: Signal Line
Product Type: Common Mode Chokes
Shielding: Shielded
Factory Pack Quantity: 4000
Subcategory: Inductors, Chokes & Coils
Test Frequency: 100 MHz


KCZ-AH Soft Termination Common-Mode Filters

TDK KCZ-AH series of miniaturized common-mode filters are designed for use in automotive applications. The KCZ-AH series is very compact, measuring 1.25mm (L) x 1mm (W) x 0.5mm (H), contributing to a smaller footprint on substrate and provides a noise control function for different transmission signal lines for automobiles. With the increased demand for automotive cameras, forward sensing cameras and cameras for around view monitors utilize common-mode filters as anti-noise products. While conventional multilayer common-mode filters cannot be used for ADAS cameras and operating within a -40°C to +105°C temperature range, the KCZ-AH series uses proprietary material technology and structural design to achieve the -55°C to +125°C temperature range. TDK KCZ-AH series has a 100mA maximum rated current, 5V maximum voltage, controls product cracks due to thermal shock, and increases durability against mechanical stresses, such as substrate strains.

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