Common Mode Chokes / Filters 80VDC 50uH 115mA AEC-Q200 CAN-FD

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Product Category: Common Mode Chokes / Filters
RoHS:  Details
PCB Mount
2 Channel
130 uH
- 30 %, + 50 %
115 mA
3.5 Ohms
- 40 C
+ 125 C
1210 (3225 metric)
3.2 mm
2.5 mm
2.5 mm
Cut Tape
Common Mode Filters
Automotive Signal Line
Application: CAN FD
Brand: TDK
Filter Type: Common Mode
Product Type: Common Mode Chokes
Factory Pack Quantity: 6000
Subcategory: Inductors, Chokes & Coils
Test Frequency: 100 kHz

ACT1210D Auto Signal Line Common Mode Filters

TDK ACT1210D Automotive Signal Line Common Mode Filters are geared toward automotive powertrain / safety applications compatible with a -40°C to +150°C operating temperature range. While meeting the demands of CiA and IEC standards, the ACT1210D common-mode chokes boast a compact, low-profile body (3.2mm x 2.5mm x 2.5mm) and noise suppression capabilities. The ACT1210D achieves a high S-parameter while realizing high reliability by proprietary metalized terminals and laser welding. The unique structural design provides signal mode transfer characteristics (Ssd21) that increase communication quality. These AEC-Q200-qualified filters offer a 50µH to 130µH inductance range, 3Ω or 3.5Ω DC resistance, 115mA rated current, and 80V rated voltage. TDK ACT1210D Automotive Signal Line Common Mode Filters are ideal for use in automotive CAN and CAN-FD systems.

ACT Common Mode Filters & Chokes

TDK ACT Common Mode Filters and Chokes are designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 125°C or 150°C. These TDK filters and chokes are used for vehicular devices that require compatibility with high temperatures. The ACT1210 series is compact with characteristics equivalent to ACT45B filters. Applications for ACT45B include CAN buses, modems, ISDNs, and more. Applications for both the ACT1210 and ACT1210R include CAN bus and FlexRay systems. The ACT1210G filter conforms to the standards of the OPEN Alliance (one-pair Ethernet) for 1000BASE-T1. The ACT1210E common mode filter is 3.2mm x 2.5mm x 2.5mm in size and is designed for automotive Ethernet 10BASE-T1S. The ACT32P series is compliant with AEC-Q200 qualifications and ideal for power CMC applications.


TDK Inductors are manufactured using state-of-the-art multilayer processing technologies, wire-winding technology, or thin-film technologies. TDK's unique multilayer processing technology provides higher inductance and Q characteristics as well as further miniaturization. The portfolio includes a wide spectrum of filters, SMT inductors, power inductors, transponder coils, and line reactors. These components are designed for use in high frequency, signal, and power circuits. TDK Inductors are ideal for a range of applications, including mobile devices, consumer electronics, solar power inverters, power supplies, onboard chargers, and automobile systems. AEC-Q200-qualified inductors are available.

Automotive Products

TDK, recognized as an industry leader in passive electronic components, offers many product series related to automotive applications. TDK’s wide array of products, including MLCCs, inductors, ferrite beads, and more, utilizes specialized materials and unique structural designs. These materials and designs offer high performance and reliability under the most severe usage conditions and in the harsh environments found in automotive applications.

Automotive Inductors

TDK Automotive Inductors are designed for a wide range of applications. These automotive applications include tire pressure monitoring systems, BLUETOOTH® connectivity systems, car navigation, power steering, in-vehicle electronic control units, advanced driver assistance systems, and more. AEC-Q200-qualified inductors are available.

Image Description
TDK ACT1210D-510-2P-TL00
80VDC 51uH 115mA AEC-Q200 CAN-FD
TDK ACT1210D-101-2P-TL00
80VDC 100uH 115mA AEC-Q200 CAN-FD
Samtec FTSH-105-01-F-DV-K
High Reliability Header Strips, .050" pitch
Coilcraft XAL4020-222MEC
2.2uH Shld 20% 5.5A 38.7mOhms AECQ2
Panasonic ERJ-2RKF1002X
0402 10Kohms 1% AEC-Q200
Panasonic ERJ-2GE0R00X
0402 Zero ohms 5% Tol AEC-Q200
10V 10uF X5R 0402 20%
Panasonic ERJ-2RKF4702X
0402 47Kohms 1% AEC-Q200
Green Clear 571nm
Wurth Elektronik 742792640
WE-CBF 0603 100MHz 300Ohm 300mA AEC-Q200