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Switching Voltage Regulators BD9S000NUX-C is a synchronous buck DC/DC Converter with built-in low On Resistance power MOSFETs. It is capable of providing current up to 600 mA. Small inductor is applicable due to high switching frequency of 2.2 MHz. It is a current mode control D

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ROHM Semiconductor
Product Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
RoHS:  Details
800 mV to 5.5 V
600 mA
1 Output
2.7 V
5.5 V
2.2 MHz
- 40 C
+ 125 C
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Brand: ROHM Semiconductor
Input Voltage: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
Operating Supply Current: 350 uA
Product Type: Switching Voltage Regulators
Shutdown: Shutdown
Factory Pack Quantity: 4000
Subcategory: PMIC - Power Management ICs
Supply Voltage - Min: 2.7 V
Type: DC/DC Converter
Part # Aliases: BD9S000NUX-C
Unit Weight: 0.001242 oz
ROHM Semiconductors AEC-Q101 qualified products are not
intended for volume automotive production without ROHM
Semiconductors prior approval.

Please contact ROHM Semiconductor for Production Part Approval
Process (PPAP) requirements or contact a Mouser Technical Sales
Representative for further assistance.

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Automotive Switching Regulators

ROHM Semiconductor Automotive Switching Regulators are AEC-Q100 qualified power management ICs. These ROHM Semiconductor switching regulators consist of regulators with or without integrated FET, buck converters (both synchronous and nonsynchronous), and buck-boost converters. Automobile switching regulators are available from single-channel to multi-channel system power supply configurations for broad compatibility. These switching regulators come in various packages with built-in circuit protection functions to match the requirements of the designers.

BD9S Series Automotive Buck DC-DC Converters

ROHM Semiconductor BD9S Automotive Buck DC-DC Converters provide high-reliability and low power consumption in a compact form factor with a temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The BD9S DC-DC Converters feature current-mode control, ensuring fast response to load transients. A fixed 2.2MHz switching frequency prevents interference in the AM Band. This high frequency also allows the use of smaller external components, contributing to a higher degree of miniaturization and power savings. The BD9S Converters also include an enable function to adjust the startup time and a built-in output (Power Good function) indicating correct output voltage has been achieved. These AEC-Q100 qualified (Grade 1) devices support output currents from 0.6A to 4.0A for design flexibility. 

Image Description
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Switching Voltage Regulators Automotive 3-V to 36-V, 4-A, low-noise synchronous step-down converter
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