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Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors Eaton Supercapacitor, KVR Coin Cell, 5.0V,1F,30ohm,Cylindrical

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Product Category: Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors
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Through Hole
1 F
- 20 %, + 80 %
30 Ohms
- 25 C
+ 70 C
20.5 mm
19.1 mm
1000 Hour
Cut Tape
Brand: PowerStor / Eaton
Product Type: Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors
Factory Pack Quantity: 500
Subcategory: Capacitors
Type: Coin Cell

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High-Power Supercapacitors

PowerStor / Eaton High-Power Supercapacitors offer high-reliability and ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices utilizing proprietary materials and processes. These supercapacitors feature low ESR, long life cycle, and low self-discharge. The high-power supercapacitors can be used as sole energy storage or with batteries to optimize cost, lifetime, and run time. These supercapacitors are UL-recognized and are maintenance-free, with design lifetimes up to 20 years. The high-power supercapacitors are ideal for backup power, electronics communications, electric vehicles, and IoT nodes.

KR Coin Cell Super Caps

PowerStor / Eaton KR Coin Cell Supercapacitors are advanced technology, ultra-high capacitance devices utilizing EDLC construction. This construction is combined with high-performance materials to offer solutions for applications that range from a few micro-amps for several days to several amps for milliseconds. PowerStor / Eaton KR Coin Cell Super Capacitors are available in a wide range of styles for use in memory and RTC backup applications as well as in consumer electronics.

KV Coin Cell Supercapacitors

Eaton KV Coin Cell Supercapacitors are designed for a fast lead time and cost-sensitive applications. The Eaton KV Coin Cells feature a 5.0V rated operating voltage and a temperature range of either -25°C to +70°C (KVR) or -40°C to +85°C (KVW). These supercapacitors offer an operating life of 1000 hours and are ideal for use in consumer, light industrial, and real-time clock backup applications.

Battery Management Systems

Eaton provides a wide portfolio of products for Battery Management Systems (BMS), including terminal blocks, fuses, supercapacitors, chokes, inductors, and more. Battery Management Systems monitor individual cells, system voltage, current, and temperature. When monitoring individual cells, the BMS balances voltages and regulates the current flow, and if the upper or lower voltage, current, or temperature limit is exceeded, the BMS temporarily disconnects the load or source. Eaton Battery Management Systems estimate the State of Health (SoH), State of Charge (SoC), State of Energy (SoE), and State of Power (SoP) in batteries.

PowerStor® Supercapacitors

PowerStor® / Eaton Supercapacitors provide high capacitance in smaller sizes and the lowest ESR values. Other features include high industrial temperature ranges, outstanding aging characteristics, high efficiency over the full product life, and a demonstrated operating life that exceeds 20 years. These capacitors also provide maximum energy savings and reduced running costs and eliminate the need for routine maintenance. PowerStor / Eaton Supercapacitors are used in alternate energy (solar and wind), medical (X-rays), computer (RAID storage and UPS), and industrial (elevators, forklifts, electric vehicles). They are available in cylindrical (HB, HV, and TV), snap-in cylindrical (XB,XV), and leaded cylindrical (PHB, PHV) types.

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