Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors 25VDC 68uF 20% Anti-Vibe AEC-Q200

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Product Category: Aluminum Organic Polymer Capacitors
RoHS:  Details
Aluminum Hybrid Polymer Capacitors
Vibration-Proof Can
68 uF
25 VDC
20 %
30 mOhms
- 55 C
+ 105 C
6.3 mm
8 mm
2 A
10000 Hour
Cut Tape
Brand: Panasonic
Dissipation Factor DF: 0.14
Product Type: Electrolytic Capacitors
Factory Pack Quantity: 900
Subcategory: Capacitors
Unit Weight: 0.016579 oz
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Anti-Vibration Capacitors

Panasonic Anti-Vibration Capacitors can be designed with confidence for automotive applications. These capacitors from Panasonic are ideal for strenuous environments that require optimal quality and reliability. The vibration-proof capacitors can withstand 30G and are AEC-Q200 Compliant. Anti-Vibration variant parts are ideal when the application demands high capacitance current capability.

Polymer Capacitors

Panasonic Capacitors offer a wide range of technologies that can be used in the most demanding applications. OS-CON™ parts are characterized by a long life span and minimal changes in ESR throughout the entire rated temperature range. POSCAP (Tantalum Polymer) parts offer high reliability and high heat resistance, making them the ideal Chip Capacitor for digital, high-frequency devices, and more. The SP-Cap (Aluminum Polymer SMD) line from Panasonic is composed of multiple series that offer an extremely low ESR, a capacitance range up to 560µF, and a voltage range from 2V to 16V, achieving very good noise suppression and transient response. Unlike MLCCs, SP-Caps are not susceptible to temperature drift and DC/AC bias characteristics. The EEH-ZA/ZC/ZK series utilizes the benefits of both electrolytic and aluminum polymer capacitor technologies and combines them, creating a capacitor with low ESR, low leakage current, high ripple current, and smaller case sizes.

Polymer & Film MLCC Alternatives

Panasonic Polymer & Film MLCC Alternatives provide the opportunity to replace several MLCCs with one Polymer capacitor. These Panasonic polymer-based capacitors offer a performance edge over conventional electrolytic and ceramic capacitors when it comes to electrical characteristics, stability, longevity, reliability, safety, and life-cycle cost. The various polymer and hybrid capacitors have distinct sweet spots in terms of their ideal voltages, frequency characteristics, environmental conditions and other application requirements. Polymer capacitors come in four main varieties: layered polymer aluminum, wound polymer aluminum, polymer tantalum, and polymer hybrid. Each type has different electrolytic and electrode materials, packaging, and application targets.

EEH-ZA Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Panasonic Electronic Components EEH-ZA Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (type V-ZA) are high-temperature SMD capacitors that offer an endurance of 5000 hours at +105°C. The EEH-ZA series features a capacitance range of 10µF to 330µF, voltage range of 25VDC to 80VDC, and low ESR and high ripple current (70% over, lower ESR than current V-FP). Panasonic EEH-ZA Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors operated in a temperature range of -55°C to +105°C.

Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Panasonic Anti-Vibration Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors combine the benefits of both electrolytic and polymer capacitor technologies to produce a capacitor with low ESR, low leakage current, high ripple current, and smaller case sizes. The components are capacitors with the electrolyte fused with conductive polymer and electrolyte liquid. The components are offered in a voltage range of 25VDC to 80VDC, 10µF to 470µF rated capacitance, an ESR of 20mΩ to 120mΩ, and a ripple current range of 0.5Arms to 4.0Arms. The hybrid capacitors are suitable for automotive equipment and base stations which need compact and high-reliability components. The Panasonic hybrid capacitors are AEC-Q200 and RoHS compliant.

Image Description
Bourns SRP3212A-1R0M
Ind,3.2x2.5x1mm,.1uH+/-20%,8.5A,shd AEC-Q200
Vishay A104K15X7RH5UAAP
100V 100nF 10% X7R Green Auto
Nexperia BUK7V4R2-40HX
50V 1uF X7R 1206 20% AEC-Q200
Chip Quik CQ4300LF-0.5
Liquid Flux Alcohol-Based No-Clean Water-Washable in 15ml (0.5oz) Squeeze Bottle
Chemi-Con ELE-500ELL2R2ME11D
2.2uF 50V
Microchip AT24C512C-SSHD-B
Microchip ATTINY24A-SSU
20MHz, Ind Temp 1.8-5.5V, Green
Murata GRM033R61E104KE14D
0.1 uF 25 VDC 10% 0201 X5R
Murata GRM1885C1H102JA01D
1000 pF 50 VDC 5% 0603 C0G (NP0)