Film Capacitors 330pF 50VDC 5% PPS FILM 0805

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Product Category: Film Capacitors
RoHS:  Details
Stacked Film Capacitors
Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
330 pF
50 VDC
5 %
2 Pin
- 55 C
+ 125 C
0805 (2012 metric)
2 mm
1.25 mm
0.9 mm
Cut Tape
Brand: Panasonic
Capacitance - nF: 0.33 nF
Diameter: -
Product Type: Film Capacitors
Factory Pack Quantity: 3000
Subcategory: Capacitors
Type: Stacked Metallized Film Chip Capacitors
Unit Weight: 0.000194 oz


ECHU Series PPS Film Chip Capacitors

Panasonic ECHU Series Capacitors are plastic film capacitors with stacked metallized PPS film as a dielectric. With a simple mold-less construction, the ECHU Series is small (min. 1.6mm x 0.8mm) and withstands 85°C, 85%RH, W.V. x 1.0 for 500 hours. The RoHS compliant Panasonic ECHU Series Capacitors are recommended for time-constant, filtering, oscillation, and resonance.

ECW-U SMD Film Capacitors

Panasonic Electronic Components surface mountable ECW-U Film Capacitors have a stacked metallized PEN film dielectric and are available in 100V, 250V, and 630V. The ECW-U Film Capacitors from Panasonic Electronic Components have a simple moldless construction and offer small size, reflow solder design, operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, and RoHS compliance.

Stacked Metallized Film Capacitors

Panasonic Stacked Metallized Film Capacitors small in size and large in capacitance. The low ESR capacitors feature a tight capacitance tolerance with stable capacitance vs frequent voltage. Panasonic Stacked Metallized Film Capacitors are available in a voltage range of 16VDC to 3000VDC and a capacitance range of .0001µF to 6.8µF, depending on the series. Target markets include audio, telecommunication, and lighting.

Polymer & Film MLCC Alternatives

Panasonic Polymer & Film MLCC Alternatives provide the opportunity to replace several MLCCs with one Polymer capacitor. These Panasonic polymer-based capacitors offer a performance edge over conventional electrolytic and ceramic capacitors when it comes to electrical characteristics, stability, longevity, reliability, safety, and life-cycle cost. The various polymer and hybrid capacitors have distinct sweet spots in terms of their ideal voltages, frequency characteristics, environmental conditions and other application requirements. Polymer capacitors come in four main varieties: layered polymer aluminum, wound polymer aluminum, polymer tantalum, and polymer hybrid. Each type has different electrolytic and electrode materials, packaging, and application targets.

Image Description
STMicroelectronics TSB582IDT
200 mA output current thermal shutdown output current limiter, 3.1 MHz, 36 V
Texas Instruments TLV76150DCYR
1-A 16-V high-PSRR linear voltage regulator
Molex 15466-0230
0.50mm Pitch FFC Jumper w Latching Ears Same Side Contacts (Type A) 51mm (Sn) Plating 30 Ckts
Texas Instruments OPA1642AIDR
Sound-Plus Hi-Perf JFET-Inp Aud Op Amp
Vishay MMA02040C1004FB300
0.4W 1Mohms 1% 0204 MELF 200V 50ppm
Panasonic ERJ-3EKF3302V
0603 33Kohms 1% AEC-Q200
Panasonic ECH-U1H103JX5
0.01uF 50VDC 5% PPS FILM 1206
Panasonic ECH-U1H681JX5
680pF 50VDC 5% PPS FILM 0805
Panasonic ECH-U1H101JX5
100pF 50VDC 5% PPS FILM 0805
Analog Devices Inc. MAX5457EEE+
Stereo Audio Taper Potentiometers with Pushbutton Interface