Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded 25V 0.1uF C0G 10% LS=5.08mm

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Product Category: Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - Leaded
RoHS:  Details
GoldMax 300 Comm C0G
0.1 uF
25 VDC
C0G (NP0)
10 %
5.08 mm
Conformally Coated
- 55 C
+ 125 C
General Type MLCCs
5.08 mm
6.6 mm
3.18 mm
Brand: KEMET
Capacitance - nF: 100 nF
Capacitance - pF: 100000 pF
Class: Class 1
Dissipation Factor DF: 0.1 %
Lead Diameter: 0.51 mm
Lead Style: Outside Bend
Operating Temperature Range: - 55 C to + 125 C
Product Type: Ceramic Capacitors
Factory Pack Quantity: 500
Subcategory: Capacitors
Temperature Coefficient / Code: C0G (NP0)
Tradename: GoldMax
Type: Goldmax C0G Dielectric Commercial Grade MLCCs
Unit Weight: 0.034463 oz
In an effort to reduce confusion and clear up erroneous part
numbering options, Kemet is eliminating the letter "C" as an
option for lead material on Kemet's Aximax and Goldmax product.
The 13th character of Kemet's Avimax and Goldmax part numbers,
which specifies lead material, must show either a "T" for 100%
Sn or an "H" for Sn/Pb.

Kemet converted standard lead material for non-automotive,
commercial parts in these product types currently showing "C" as
the lead material have actually been built as "T". This has been
visible to our customers for several years on our reel labels,
where the WIP labels already indicate the "T" version of the
part numbers.

There will be no change to the form, fit or function of these
parts, this is strictly a part number scheme change.

Please contact a Mouser Technical Sales Representative for
further information.


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Ceramic Capacitors

KEMET Ceramic Capacitors provide solutions for commercial, automotive, industrial, energy, and defense and aerospace applications. These devices feature Class I, Class II, and Class III dielectrics and several form factors, including surface mount, through hole, and lead attach. KEMET Ceramic Capacitors are available in a variety of grades, case sizes, voltages, and operating temperatures.

Power Conversion Components

YAGEO Group (YAGEO, Pulse, KEMET) designs passive component technologies that are critical in power conversion systems, including safety, snubber, and DC link capacitors; current sense and power resistors; and magnetic components such as transformers, common mode chokes, and inductors. Because every electronic device requires power, a vast majority of these products utilize a form of power conversion or power supply to deliver the required energy. 

Commercial GoldMax 300 C0G Leaded ≤250V MLCCs

KEMET Commercial GoldMax 300 C0G Leaded ≤250V MLCCs are a family of conformally coated, radial leaded capacitors with a -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range. 300 Series Goldmax C0G MLCCs are fixed Class I ceramic dielectrics suited for circuits with pulse, high current, decoupling, filtering, and more. The 300 C0G series is also ideal for resonant circuit applications requiring Q and capacitance characteristics to be stable. These KEMET MLCCs meet UL Standard 94V-0 flammability requirements, with capacitance values ranging from 1.0pF to 0.47µF and a 25VDC to 250VDC voltage range.

300 Goldmax MLCCs

KEMET 300 Goldmax MLCCs are conformally coated radial leaded capacitors featuring industry-leading voltage ranges up to 250V that make them ideal for both the industrial and automotive markets. These leaded capacitors combine robust performance with versatile assembly, offering up to +150°C offerings in both commercial and automotive grade. In addition to being both lead and halogen-free, these components comply with the EU Commission Directive 2016/774, addressing the needs for automotive applications.

Commercial ≤250V MLCCs

KEMET Commercial ≤250V MLCCs offer various form factors, dielectrics, case sizes, up to 250VDC voltage, and capacitance values to give designers solutions for every possible application. These MLCCs from KEMET are available in C0G, U2J, X7R, X5R, Y5V, and Z5U dielectrics with capacitance values up to 100uF and case sizes ranging from EIA 0201 to 2225. Form factors include two-terminal surface-mount MLCCs, arrays, axial, and radial leaded termination options, including those with Sn and SnPb terminations.

Low Voltage DC Auto Infotainment Solutions

KEMET, Yageo Group, and Pulse Electronics offer a wide variety of AEC-Q200-certified products for infotainment. These infotainment solutions include capacitors, varistors, MLCCs, resistors, and more. 

DC-DC Converters

YAGEO Group (YAGEO, KEMET, Pulse) strives to support 90% of all the passive technologies required in circuit designs. DC-DC converters saturate the electronics industry and are used to either step or step down the voltage and current requirements of the next stage in the circuit. In every variation of the DC-DC converter, current sense resistors, diodes, inductors, precision voltage resistors, and capacitors are used.

Commercial Leaded ≤250V Capacitors

KEMET Commercial Leaded ≤250V Capacitors combine the benefits of ceramic MLCC performance with axial or radial leads for increased mechanical robustness. In addition, leaded ceramic capacitors allow engineers to design capacitors without needing PCBs such as sensors and motors. These capacitors are available in C0G, X7R, and Z5U dielectrics with capacitance values up to 10uF. These KEMET capacitors are Lead (Pb)-free, RoHS, and REACH compliant without exemption while meeting the flame test requirements outlined in UL Standard 94V–0.

Image Description
1W 5Vin 5Vout 200mA SIP4
TE Connectivity 4-5332070-4
TDK B41866C5108M000
25VDC 1000uF 20% STD Leads
Littelfuse AHEF300
3A 32V High Temp AEC-Q200
STMicroelectronics L7805ACV-DG
Precision 1.5A Reg 5V Output Dual Gauge
onsemi 1N4148
100V Io/200mA BULK
63V .22uF 5%
Littelfuse AHEF050
.5A 32V High Temp AEC-Q200
50V 1uF X7R 5% LS=5.08mm
TE Connectivity 2-5332070-3