Specialty Ceramic Capacitors 1uF 500volt Ceralink (LP) J-Style Lead

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Product Category: Specialty Ceramic Capacitors
RoHS:  Details
DC Link Capacitors
500 VDC
1 uF
PLZT Ceramic
20 %
- 40 C
+ 150 C
7.14 mm
Cut Tape
Brand: EPCOS / TDK
Capacitance - nF: 1000 nF
Height: 4 mm
Operating Temperature Range: - 40 C to + 150 C
Product Type: Ceramic Capacitors
Factory Pack Quantity: 1000
Subcategory: Capacitors
Tradename: Ceralink
Type: Capacitors for Fast Switching Semiconductors
Voltage Rating: 500 VDC
Width: 7.14 mm
Part # Aliases: B58031U5105M62
Unit Weight: 0.045856 oz

HV Auxiliaries Applications in the Range of 1kW

TDK HV Auxiliaries Applications in the Range of 1kW encompass automotive components such as climate compressors, water pumps, and suspension. The TDK product portfolio suited for high-voltage auxiliary applications includes film capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), and CeraLink® capacitors.

HV Heater Applications for 5kW & Higher

TDK HV Heater Applications for 5kW and Higher incorporate a variety of capacitors for high-voltage heating applications. The TDK product portfolio for these applications includes film capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), and CeraLink® capacitors.

DC/DC Converter Applications - HV to 12V

TDK DC/DC Converter Applications - HV to 12V utilize a wide range of capacitors. The TDK capacitor portfolio for the converter applications encompasses film capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), and CeraLink® capacitors.

Onboard Charger Applications for PHEV & BEV

TDK Onboard Charger Applications for PHEVs and BEVs utilize capacitors for onboard charging applications in both plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles. TDK offers a comprehensive portfolio of aluminum capacitors, film capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), and CeraLink® capacitors.

Capacitors for DC‑Link Circuits

TDK Capacitors for DC‑Link Circuits feature a comprehensive range of options and technologies. Topologies with inverter circuits for power conversion are becoming increasingly important in automotive electronic applications. The selection of the right capacitor for DC-Link functions is key in achieving an ideal, cost-effective solution in terms of electrical function, mechanical, and thermal requirements.

Automotive DC-DC Converter Solutions

EPCOS / TDK Automotive DC-DC Converter Solutions include CeraLink DC Link Capacitors, Chip NTCs, and Chip Varistors. The CeraLink capacitors of the DC-DC Converters feature a miniaturized size, high capacitance density, and a high current rating. The EPCOS / TDK Automotive DC-DC Converter Solutions are ideal for load-dump protection, engine management, power converters, and temperature measurement and compensation, depending on the model. 

Automotive Inverter Solutions

EPCOS / TDK Automotive Inverters offer a full AEC-Q200 portfolio, high-reliability, low ESL, and a high operating temperature. The Automotive Inverter series includes chip NTCs, chip varistors, CeraLink capacitors, and CeraLink snubbers. The EPCOS / TDK Automotive Inverter Solution features surge protection, data-line ESD protection, and temperature sensing.  

EV/HEV Battery Management System Applications

TDK Battery Management Systems (BMS) are critical in protecting not only the longevity of batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs, but also the overall safety and performance. TDK provides a comprehensive high-quality product portfolio designed to monitor and manage xEV battery system applications.

Circuit Protection for Automotive Solutions

EPCOS / TDK Circuit Protection for Automotive Solutions include inverters, onboard chargers, DC-DC converters, and battery management systems. These Piezo and Protection Devices (PPD) are used in all key functions to make automotive charging systems smart, safe, and efficient. EPCOS / TDK Circuit Protection for Automotive Solutions are ideal for power converters, DC fast charging stations, and renewable energy storage systems. 

CeraLink® Capacitors

TDK CeraLink® Capacitors feature patented antiferroelectric capacitor technology, which is based on a material that offers increasing capacitance with increasing voltage. This technology makes these capacitors ideal for snubber applications. The devices feature low ESL and ESR properties while supporting higher switching frequencies as well as the use of more robust semiconductors (high-speed IGBTs vs. MOSFETs). TDK CeraLink Capacitors deliver an ideal cost-effective ratio due to lower manufacturing complexity, high switching frequencies, and chip areas that are typically smaller than super junction MOSFETs. The cost of this type of solution is lower than a MOSFET solution. When used for system integration only, the capacitors lower the risk that semiconductors are damaged by peak overvoltages caused by the system approach. The snubber feature keeps the semiconductors in a safe operating area.

TDK Specialty Ceramic/Disc/MLCC Leaded Cap’s

Automotive On-Board Charging Solutions

EPCOS / TDK Automotive On-Board Charging Solutions include chip NTCs, chip varistors, leaded varistors, GFCs, surge arresters, and CeraLink DC Link capacitors with output filtering. The leaded varistors provide high-voltage surge protections with the use of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Inrush Current Limiter (ICL) for inrush current protection. EPCOS / TDK Automotive On-Board Charging Solution is ideal for battery charge/discharge systems, DC fast charging stations, and jump-start protection. 

CeraLink™ Low-Profile (LP) Capacitors

EPCOS / TDK CeraLink™ Low-Profile (LP) Capacitors feature a high ripple current capability, low equivalent series inductance (ESL), and low equivalent series resistance (ESR). The devices have low power loss with low dielectric absorption. Typical applications for EPCOS / TDK CeraLink LP Capacitors include 650V, 900V, or 1200V semiconductor module industrial power converters and inverters.

Image Description
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Bourns SRR1260-100M
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TDK B58031U7504M062
Specialty Ceramic Capacitors 0.5uF 700V Ceralink LowProfile
Toshiba T2N7002AK,LM
MOSFET Small-signal MOSFET
TDK B58031U9254M062
Specialty Ceramic Capacitors 0.25uF 900volts Ceralink J-Lead
Analog Devices Inc. ADM1170-2AUJZ-RL7
Hot Swap Voltage Controllers Positive Hotswap SS Latched IC.
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 1210 1000V 0.022uF C0G 5% AEC-Q200
Bourns W5M39R0J
Wirewound Resistors - Through Hole 39ohms 5W 5% RES AX