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Panasonic Battery



Coin Cell Battery 3V 20X3.2MM 225mAH

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Product Category: Coin Cell Battery
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 Available in USA only.
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Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2)
3 V
225 mAh
Pressure Contacts
20 mm
3.2 mm
- 30 C
+ 60 C
Brand: Panasonic Battery
Product Type: Coin Cell Battery
Factory Pack Quantity: 4000
Subcategory: Battery
Part # Aliases: CR-2032/BN CR-2032L/BD
Unit Weight: 0.102294 oz
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CR1025/H9BN Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries

Panasonic CR1025/H9BN Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries are designed to provide long-lasting reliable power in various devices. These batteries feature a nominal capacity of 30mAh, a nominal voltage of 3V, good pulse capability, stable discharge voltage, and a -30°C to +60°C operating temperature range. Panasonic CR1025 batteries are ideal for memory backup, laser pens, calculators, car keys, fitness appliances, and medical devices.

Coin Cell Batteries

Panasonic Coin Cell Batteries include lithium and rechargeable lithium alloy coin cell batteries. BR series features a high energy density and exhibits stable performance under relatively high temperatures. CR series features high energy density and is ideal for equipment requiring relatively high current. ML series manganese rechargeable lithium batteries are compact and can be incorporated into circuits where 3V ICs are used to save space. Panasonic VL series rechargeable batteries feature vanadium oxide for the positive pole, lithium alloy for the negative pole, and a non-aqueous solvent for the electrolyte.

Battery Types

Panasonic batteries include a variety of types for a wide array of applications. Metal Hydride Batteries offer up to three times the capacity of same-size standard Nickel Cadmium batteries. Coin Cell Batteries include lithium and rechargeable lithium alloy cells featuring high energy density. Consumer and Photo Batteries are alkaline or lithium batteries designed for use in a broad range of applications and industries, including cylindrical CR lithium batteries for use in cameras. Electronic Batteries are cylindrical lithium and pin-type lithium batteries for power supplies, LEDs, and other applications. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are valve-regulated rechargeable batteries. Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells offer high voltage output, can be virtually any shape and can be affixed to a wide variety of materials.

Image Description
Keystone Electronics 3003
Coin Cell Battery Holders TH COIN CELL BATTERY HOLDER 20mm
Keystone Electronics 1060TR
Coin Cell Battery Holders 20MM SMT CELL HOLDER
Keystone Electronics 1062TR
Coin Cell Battery Holders 2 CELL S/M COIN CELL 20mm 1.015X.896
Keystone Electronics 1057
Coin Cell Battery Holders 2032 BATT HOLDER SMT
Keystone Electronics 1065
Coin Cell Battery Holders 20MM VERT SLIMLINE
Keystone Electronics 3002TR
Coin Cell Battery Holders SMD Battery HOLDER TAPE/REEL
Keystone Electronics 1067
Coin Cell Battery Holders 20MM VERT COMPACT
Keystone Electronics 3034TR
Coin Cell Battery Holders COIN CELL RETAINER TAPE/REEL 500PC
Keystone Electronics 1060
Coin Cell Battery Holders SM COIN CELL HOLDER
Keystone Electronics 1057TR
Coin Cell Battery Holders 2032 BATT HOLDER SMT T/R OF 400 PCS
Image Description
Panasonic CR2450
Coin Cell Battery 3V 620mAh 24.5mm dia, 5mm h
Panasonic LR6XWA/B
Consumer Battery & Photo Battery INDUSTRIAL ALK AA 1.5V
Panasonic CR2025
Coin Cell Battery 3V 20X2.5MM 165 mAh
Panasonic BR3032
Coin Cell Battery 3V 30 X 3.2 MM 500mA
Panasonic LR03XWA/B
Consumer Battery & Photo Battery INDUSTRIAL ALK AAA 1.5V
Panasonic CR2016
Coin Cell Battery 3V 20 X 1.6 MM 75mA
Panasonic CR2354
Coin Cell Battery 3V 23 X 5.4 MM 560mA
Panasonic BR2330
Coin Cell Battery 3V 23 X 3.0 MM 255mA
Murata LR44
Coin Cell Battery Alkaline Manganese Batteries
Duracell MN1500
Consumer Battery & Photo Battery 1.5V SIZE AA