Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 120V 15A 2x Common Anode

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Factory Lead-Time:

31 Weeks Estimated factory production time.
Long lead time reported on this product.
Minimum: 20000   Multiples: 20000


Pricing (USD)

Qty. Unit Price
Ext. Price
$1.37 $27,400.00
Product Attribute Attribute Value
Product Category: Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers
RoHS:  Details
Schottky Rectifiers
Through Hole
Dual Cathode Common Anode
30 A (2 x 15 A)
120 V
970 mV
300 A
800 uA
- 55 C
+ 150 C
Brand: Littelfuse
Product Type: Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers
Factory Pack Quantity: 20000
Subcategory: Diodes & Rectifiers
Vr - Reverse Voltage: 120 V
Unit Weight: 0.081130 oz
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DST Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

Littelfuse DST Series Schottky Barrier Rectifiers provide high temperature, low leakage, and lower VF to meet the general requirements of commercial and industry applications. These rectifiers have fast switching speeds and a high junction temperature capability. The Littelfuse DST series is suitable for high-frequency applications like switch-mode power supplies and DC applications like solar panel bypass diodes and polarity protection diodes.

Headlamp Lighting Solutions

Littelfuse Headlamp Lighting Solutions are a family of SMD fuses, TVS diodes and arrays, MLVs, and Schottky diodes that protect against threats to modern automotive headlight systems. Modern automotive headlamp LED systems feature the ability to self-level and swivel as well as shutter high and low beams. Littelfuse headlamp lighting solutions preserve the functionalities of these LEDs by helping prevent load dumps, surges, ESD, and short circuits.

Automotive Application Solutions

Littelfuse Automotive Solutions contain a portfolio of AEC-Q101 and AEC-Q200 qualified TVS diodes, diode arrays, varistors, multilayer varistors, and POLY-FUSE® PTCs. Each new generation of vehicles has an increased number of electronics that control everything from the radio to fuel injection. Littelfuse provides circuit protection solutions for a range of difficult automotive applications.

Inside-Cabin Lighting Solutions

Littelfuse Inside-Cabin Lighting Solutions preserve the functionality of automotive interior lighting systems. Modern vehicles have features like automatic dimming, external light sensing, and user-programmable settings, which can all become compromised by ESD, load dump, surges, overcurrents, and more. Littelfuse offers a wide range of solutions to guard against these modern threats, including resettable PPTCs, MLVs, and diode arrays.

Power Semiconductors

Littelfuse Power Semiconductors are designed to meet the requirements for commercial and industrial applications. Littelfuse's line of power semiconductors have features like ultra-fast switching, low recovery time, high junction temperature capability, and low forward drop. These semiconductors allow for high reliability in high ambient temperatures or applications with minimal cooling available.

ECall Solutions

Littelfuse ECall Solutions help preserve an automobile's ability to call the nearest emergency center after a crash. A range of Littelfuse TVS diodes and diode arrays, MLVs, MOVs, fuses, and more defend against the overcurrents, ESD, load dump, and surges that threaten these critical safety-based functionalities.

Engine Cooling System Solutions

Littelfuse Engine Cooling System Solutions offer protection against threats to the ability of an engine to cool using the right fluids. Threats to these cooling systems include overheating, load dumps, surges, and ESDs. Littelfuse solutions to these threats include Schottky and TVS diodes, diode arrays, MLVS, SMD PPTCs, and MOVs.

Infotainment & Navigation Solutions

Littelfuse Infotainment and Navigation Solutions protect against ESD, surges, and overcurrents that threaten the advanced electronic ecosystems in vehicles. These ecosystems integrate technologies like Wi-Fi®, BLUETOOTH®, USB data/charging inputs, AUX inputs, telematics, navigation, and more into a graphical user interface on the dashboard. Littelfuse offers a line of SMD PPTCs and fuses, TVS diodes and diode arrays, MLVs, and XTREME-GUARD™ suppressors that keep these robust systems operating as designed.

Vehicle Communication Solutions

Littelfuse Vehicle Communication Solutions protects the on-board power and communication circuitry responsible for V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication. ESD, surge, and overcurrents threaten these systems' ability to share real-time data (speed, direction, location, etc.) with other vehicles as well as traffic lights and smart roads. Littelfuse produces a line of fuses, PPTCs, TVS diodes and diode arrays, MLVs, and polymer ESD suppressors to help ensure operational uptime of these systems.

Vehicle Camera Solutions

Littelfuse Vehicle Camera Solutions protect against the common electrical threats to camera-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in modern vehicles. These camera systems can include night vision, back-up, auto-parking, and collision avoidance functions as well as speed limit, driver drowsiness, and lane departure detection. Littelfuse solutions include TVS diodes and diode arrays, MLVs, Schottky diodes, and SMD PPTCs that simultaneously protect without interfering with high-frequency video signals.