Pin & Socket Connectors CRIMP SKT BULK 18-24

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Molex 02-06-1101
Pin & Socket Connectors CRMP TERM 18-24G FEM Reel of 6000
Product Attribute Attribute Value
Product Category: Pin & Socket Connectors
RoHS:  Details
Socket (Female)
Standard .062 in
Brand: Molex
Housing Color: -
Housing Gender: -
Mating Post Length: -
Mounting Angle: -
Product Type: Pin & Socket Connectors
Factory Pack Quantity: 6000
Subcategory: Pin & Socket Connectors
Termination Post Length: -
Wire Gauge Range: 24 AWG to 18 AWG
Part # Aliases: 2061103 1561-(P901)L 0002061103
Unit Weight: 0.002822 oz
Molex Terminals

The following terminals are available in both reel (chain)
and bulk (loose) stock.

Reel Part No. Reel Qty. Bulk Part No.
538-02-06-1101 6,000 538-02-06-1103
538-02-06-1104 6,000 538-02-06-1105
538-02-06-1131 20,000 538-02-06-1132
538-02-06-1201 6,000 538-02-06-1202
538-02-06-2101 6,000 538-02-06-2103
538-02-06-2131 20,000 538-02-06-2132
538-02-06-5108 6,000 538-02-06-5109
538-02-06-6100 6,000 538-02-06-6103
538-02-06-6130 20,000 538-02-06-6135
538-02-06-6201 6,000 538-02-06-6202


Industrial Power

Molex Industrial Power products allow designers to achieve power delivery and power distribution with a vast array of power connectors. These Molex connectors include pin and socket power connectors, EXTreme LPHPower and EXTreme Guard System devices, and CRC robotic connectors, as well as HMC and mini-HMC rectangular connectors.

Industrial Automation

Molex Industrial Automation connectors provide a convenient source for meeting passive interconnect and industrial communications requirements for industrial applications. Molex Industrial Automation simplifies design, installation, and maintenance processes.

Power Solutions

Molex is uniquely equipped to provide power delivery and power distribution in wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board configurations. Molex's wide selection of power connectors ranges from versatile to popular and proven. Designers can achieve power delivery and power distribution with Molex's vast array of power connectors.

Connected Home Solutions

Molex Connected Home Solutions help users design intelligent and integrated smart home systems. Smart appliances and thermostats, networked security and lighting, and wireless media devices feature prominently in connected homes. From capacitive switches and LED displays to antennas and USB connectors, an extensive Molex portfolio supports a wide range of modern home applications.

Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System

Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System is designed to meet the needs for high contact density signal or power connectors. Micro-Fit 3.0 connectors feature a miniature 3mm (0.118") pitch, yet retain many of the features found on larger power connectors and can carry up to 8.5A of current. Molex Micro-Fit products are available in circuit sizes 2 to 24 for single- and dual-row, wire-to-board, and wire-to-wire applications such as computers, work stations, satellites, cellular phones, and a host of consumer products. Molex 46235 Micro-Fit 3.00mm Low Force Terminal offers the same reliability as the standard Micro-Fit products, but with half of the mating / unmating force for applications using large circuit sizes.

Standard .062" Pin & Socket Power Connectors

Molex Standard .062" Pin and Socket Power Connectors provide an ideal solution for power or signal interconnect applications. The connectors are rated up to 5A per circuit with standard brass terminals. They utilize nylon housing and a robust terminal design to create a durable, long-lasting product. Standard Molex .062" products have a wide range of product options, including free-hanging or panel-mount housings. Also, 18AWG to 30AWG terminals in brass and phosphor bronze base materials and tin or gold plating offer design flexibility. Molex Standard .062" Pin and Socket Power Connectors are suitable for networking, consumer, and data/communications applications.

Industrial Solutions

Molex Industrial Solutions are designed for the harshest environmental conditions to provide safe and reliable connections. Molex Industrial Solutions also offer protection from contamination, moisture, or vibration.

Image Description
Molex 11-03-0002
Extraction, Removal & Insertion Tools EXTRACTION TOOL
Molex 63811-1000
Crimpers / Crimping Tools UNIVERSAL CRIMP TOOL
Molex 11-02-0001
Extraction, Removal & Insertion Tools INSERTION TOOL
Molex 63819-1300
Crimpers / Crimping Tools Hand Crimp Tool .062 PIN & SCKT 18-24AWG
Image Description
Molex 02-06-2103
Pin & Socket Connectors CRIMP PIN BULK 18-24
Molex 03-06-1032
Pin & Socket Connectors 3 CIRCUIT RECEPTACLE
Molex 03-06-1023
Pin & Socket Connectors 2 CIRCUIT RECEPTACLE
Molex 03-06-2023
Pin & Socket Connectors 2 CKT PLUG NATURAL
Molex 03-06-2042
Pin & Socket Connectors 4 CIRCUIT PLUG
Molex 03-06-1042
Pin & Socket Connectors 4 CIRCUIT RECEPTACLE
Molex 03-06-2044
Pin & Socket Connectors 4 CIRCUIT PLUG
Molex 03-06-1044
Pin & Socket Connectors 4 CIRCUIT RECEPTACLE
Molex 03-06-2032
Pin & Socket Connectors 3 CIRCUIT PLUG
Molex 02-09-2118
Pin & Socket Connectors CRIMP PIN BULK 18-22