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Wi2Wi specializes in providing highly integrated, small form factor, multifunction wireless sub-systems for mobile applications such as media players, smartphones, PDAs, personal navigation devices, mobile internet devices, and ultra-mobile PCs. The Wi2Wi portfolio includes single and multifunction products with 802.11, Bluetooth, and GPS sub-systems. Wi2Wi is also working on the next generation wireless solutions for PAN (Personal Area Networks), LAN (Local Area Networks), and WAN (Wide Area Networks).

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Wi2Wi New Products

Added 01/2014 Wi2Wi W2SG0008i GPS Module Learn More
Added 11/2012 Wi2Wi W2CBW0015 WiFi + Bluetooth SiP Modules Learn More
Added 07/2011 Wi2Wi W2SG0084i Mini GPS Module Learn More
Added 07/2009 Wi2Wi W2SG0006 GPS Module Learn More
Added 04/2009 Wi2Wi W2CBW003 System-in-Package Learn More
Added 03/2009 Wi2Wi W2CBWG01 Multi-Radio Learn More

Wi2Wi Featured Products

Wi2Wi W2SG0008i GPS Module

Wi2Wi W2SG0008i GPS Module is the world's smallest GPS Module, with state-of-the-art performance and an industrial temperature rating. This NAVSTAR L1C/A Band, 48 Channel GPS Receiver Module Solution, based on the SiRFStar IV™ Chipset, is designed to easily integrate GPS functionally into existing products. The module reduces development times and cost by using a complete, small form factor, low power, ready-to-integrate GPS Receiver System Solution. The SiRFStarIV platform with SiRFaware™ GPS technology optimizes mobile phones, mobile computers, and mobile internet devices for location enabled services. Extremely low power consumption and fast location allows a broad range of location-enabled services without compromising battery life or dependence on a network– from navigating to playing location-based games to searching for friends at the mall.

Wi2Wi W2CBW0015 WiFi + Bluetooth SiP Modules

Wi2Wi W2CBW0015 WiFi + Bluetooth SiP Modules are complete wireless subsystems featuring full 802.11 b/g/n WLAN + BT capabilities in a small form factor module solution. These radios are fully tested for co-existence and are highly optimized for throughput and receiver sensitivity. Wi2Wi W2CBW0015 WiFi + Bluetooth SiP Modules are complete 802.11 b/g/n WiFi solutions that each include the crystal, switch, all filtering, local memory for MAC address storage, and diagnostics capability. The W2CBW0015W module offers the same wireless features as the W2CBW0015, but does not include Bluetooth.

Wi2Wi W2SG0084i Industrial-Temperature Mini GPS Module

Wi2Wi W2SG0084i state-of-the-art industrial-temperature miniature GPS module is based on the leading-edge CSR-SiRF Star-IV chip. This Wi2Wi high sensitivity, low-power, 48-channel L1 GPS receiver is designed for portable applications and is an ideal GPS solution for a broad spectrum of OEM products. The W2SG0084i is powered by SiRF Star IV and provides the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading, and time using the NAVSTAR GPS L1 signal. This Wi2Wi module provides precision commercial-grade GPS location identification over -40ºC to +85ºC. Measuring only 11.2mm x 12mm x 2.5mm, the W2G0084i addresses the need for a cost-effective and high-performance GPS module for major premium markets worldwide.

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