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Vishay Techno thick film products include through-hole (leaded) resistors, surface-mount resistors, high-voltage resistors, linear chips and resistor arrays, capacitor networks, and custom discrete devices and networks. These Vishay Techno products are found in many applications, including industrial, medical, military, and commercial products.

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Vishay CDHV Series Thick Film Chip Dividers

Vishay Techno CDHV Series Thick Film Chip Dividers offer high voltage up to 3000V. The CDHV Series Thick Film Chip Dividers from Vishay are available in case size 2512 and have outstanding ratio stability. These high voltage resistor dividers also offer standard and custom ratio values. The CDHV Series has resistance range from 20M to 20G and operating temperature range from -55ºC to +150ºC. They are flow solderable and available in multiple styles and termination materials and configurations that allow wide design flexibility.

Vishay/Techno CRHV Series Thick Film Chip Resistors - EXPANSION

NEW! Now available in more case sizes.
Vishay/Techno CRHV Series Thick Film Chip Resistors have high voltage up to 3000V. Other features of the CRHV Series thick film resistors from Vishay/Techno are outstanding stability<0.5%, flow solderability, automatic placement capability, tape and reel packaging, and multiple styles, termination materials and configurations that allow style flexibility. In addition, CRHV Series thick film chip resistors are available in internationally standardized sizes as well as custom sizes. These RoHS-compliant, halogen-free chip resistors are available with either wraparound terminations or as a single termination flip chip. CRHV Series chip resistors are ideal for solderable, epoxy bondable, or wire bondable applications.

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