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Vishay / Draloric is a global leader in the manufacture of thin film components and networks on ceramic and silicon including resistors, capacitors, inductors, and microwave components, specialized in thin-film resistive products using tantalum nitride. Products branded Vishay / Draloric include discrete resistors, resistor arrays, resistor networks, discrete capacitors, capacitor arrays, resistor / capacitor filter networks, and inductors. High quality, patterned, thin-film substrates are produced in volume for both the hybrid circuit and microwave industries for military and industrial hybrid circuit applications.

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Vishay Draloric RCV e3 High Voltage Thick Film Resistors

Vishay Draloric RCV e3 Series Thick Film Resistors offer high operating voltage up to 0.5kV(500V) and industry-standard 0805 and 1206 package styles. The RCV e3 high voltage thick film resistors from Vishay are constructed using a metal glaze on high quality ceramic. This series also offers temperature coefficients down to 100ppm, operating temperature range from -55ºC to +155ºC, and resistance range from 100KΩ to 10MΩ.

Vishay Draloric RCG e3 "Green" Thick Film Resistors

Vishay Draloric RCG e3 Thick Film Chip Resistors are fully "green" resistors that are also fully RoHS compliant without exemptions. The rectangular RCG e3 thick film chip resistors from Vishay have stability of 1% for 1000H at 70ºC and are constructed with a metal glaze on high quality ceramic. This series offers case sizes 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206 and operating temperature range from -55ºC to +155ºC.

Vishay / Draloric Z300-C High Surge Wirewound Resistors

Vishay / Draloric Z300-C High Surge Wirewound Resistors feature non flammable cement coating, high grade ceramic core, power ratings up to 6W, and high voltage surge (up to 12 kV) for special version. Z300-C High Surge Wirewound Resistors comply with Vishay Green Standards. Ideal applications include power supplies, energy meters, industrial and home appliances, and electronics ballasts.

Vishay / Draloric SMM 0204, 0207 Series MELF Resistors

Vishay / Draloric SMM0204 and SMM0207 Series MELF Resistors are cylindrical, stable metal film resistors on high quality ceramic with a pure tin termination on a nickel barrier, plated on press fit steel caps. The Vishay / Draloric SMM 0204 and SMM0207 Series are compatible with lead (Pb)-free and lead containing soldering processes (RoHS compliant).
- SMM0204 are 200V resistors featuring low TC and tight tolerances, excellent stability in different environmental conditions
- SMM0207 are 350V resistors featuring good thermal distribution

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