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Ultralife Corporation, the global battery solutions specialists, is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide range of standard 9-Volt, HiRate® Cylindrical and Thin Cell® lithium batteries, lithium ion, and lithium polymer rechargeable batteries. Ultralife possesses one of the world's most varied lithium cell and battery packaging configurations, customized solutions and manufacturing capabilities. Ultralife's leading technology, process-engineering capabilities, manufacturing infrastructure and management strengths enable them to provide a unique breadth of solutions in battery design, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery.


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Ultralife New Products

Added 12/2009 Ultralife Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, Series UBBL Learn More
Added 08/2008 Ultralife 9 Volt Lithium Battery Learn More

Ultralife Featured Products

Ultralife UCH0040 USB Solar Charger

Ultralife UCH0040 is a light weight, compact USB Solar Charger for most small USB devices. Four AA batteries, included, receive maximum charge with Ultralife proprietary charging circuitry.  A full charge is available in four hours of sunlight. Folded size is 3.25" (83mm)  x 5.5" (140mm).

Ultralife Battery Chargers

Ultralife has introduced chargers for its Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries. They feature a safety circuit to protect against charging shorted packs, and an LED status indicator. Ultralife Battery Chargers are available with either North American adapters or a set of International adapters (UK, Australia, and Europe).

Ultralife Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, Series UBBL

Ultralife UBBL19 - UBBL26 Series Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries are available in 3.6V to 14.4V output voltages at either 2.4Ah or 4.8Ah. The UBBL battery series offers off-the-shelf convenience with 22AWG wire leads or connector terminals and provides full circuit protection. The UBBL battery series provide 300 discharge/charge cycles with no memory effect. The lightweight Ultralife UBBL19 - UBBL26 series Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries meet all UN transportation testing and are suitable for a variety of portable electronic devices.

Ultralife Lithium-ION Prismatic Cell Batteries

Ultralife Lithium-ION prismatic (rectangular and cylindrical) cell batteries offer high energy density, high capacity, and long cycle life in the most common, lightweight sizes and with no memory effect. Ultralife's Lithium-ION prismatic cell batteries operate over a wide temperature range and are ideal for many portable electronic devices, including rugged military equipment.

Ultralife 9 Volt Lithium Battery

Ultralife Next Generation 9 Volt Lithium Battery lasts up to 5 times longer than ordinary alkaline and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc. The replaceable battery has the highest energy density, flattest discharge voltage curve, longest shelf life, widest operating temperature range, and lightest weight of any comparable 9 volt battery. The battery meets ANSI Alkaline 1604 size specifications and has over current protection. The Ultralife Next Generation 9 Volt Lithium Battery's 10-year service life makes this the battery of choice for major smoke alarm manufacturers for their 10-year ion-type smoke alarms.

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