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NEDA Authorized Emerson Network Power Distributor

Trompeter product line of Emerson Connectivity Solutions, is recognized as a global leader in delivering best in class RF connectivity products. The Trompeter line of patch jacks, RF connectors, cable assemblies, HDTV digital technology and DS3 connectivity solutions is unrivaled. Trompeter's mission is to provide products that continually deliver the highest quality signal integrity for the most demanding applications in Telecom, Central Office, Broadcast, Military, Aerospace, and Instrumentation markets worldwide.

Emerson Connectivity Solutions Newest Products

Trompeter / Emerson Connectivity Solutions Product Line

Trompeter / Emerson Connectivity Solutions Featured Products

Emerson Connectivity Solutions Twinax/Triax Connectors

Trompeter / Emerson Connectivity Solutions Twinax/Triax Connectors are manufactured to meet or exceed Mil-Specs governing twinax connectors, specifically MIL-STD-1553B for airborne and ground checkout and MIL-STD-1760 "External Stores." Twinax/Triax Connectors from Trompeter are designed for military applications to protect data signals from extraneous noise through non-signal carrying shielding. These impedance-matched connectors improve the throughput and interference rejection of digital data transmission systems.

The TRB/TRT Series is available as miniature 2,3,4-lug and push-on Twinax/Triax Connectors. TRB Series Connectors are all metallic parts with fully enclosed outer conductors and center contacts plated with 50 micro inch gold.

The TRS/TTM Series is a subminiature concentric Twinax/Triax Connector for high density and weight reduction applications. These connectors are designed for blind mate rack and panel applications.

Trompeter / Emerson Connectivity Solutions 75-ohm BNC Coax Connectors

Trompeter / Emerson Connectivity Solutions 75-ohm BNC Coax Connectors include the UPL2000 Digital Video Series, the UPL220 Standard BNC Plug Series, and the UPL250 Mini-BNC Plug Series. These BNC Connectors feature captivated and locking center contacts with 50 micro inch gold plating, fully enclosed outer contacts, and interior precision stepped crimp sleeves.

UPL2000 is a robust, high frequency true 75 ohm connector designed to handle high bit-rate digital video signal transmissions in conjunction with the low loss coaxial cables used in broadcast applications. The connectors are designed to offer exceptional signal clarity and low noise to offer long-term field performance at high frequency. Error-free transmission is possible over the entire bandwidth used by HDTV signal transport. The larger diameter cable sizes support transmission of the video broadcast signal in stations, post-production, and CATV headends.

The UPL220 Series and the UPL250 Series feature SureNotch™, Trompeter's innovative solution for incomplete connector mating. SureNotch™ provides immediate and reliable visual confirmation of secure mating. The UPL250 Series Mini-BNC Series allow higher interconnect density, enabling 40% more interconnects in the same area, with all the positive characteristics of the full size BNC.