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Project and Cart Sharing

Cart Sharing

Cart Sharing
Mouser now has a way for you to do your shopping online then forward your cart to a colleague to place the order. You can also now save multiple carts. For details, go to your cart and click on “Save this Cart” or “Share this cart with a colleague”. To view these saved or shared carts, enter your Access ID number below.

Project Sharing

Project Sharing
Mouser now has the ability for you to share your projects with your colleagues. You can either send them a read only copy that they will be able to order on our website, or you can give them edit capability and you can collaborate on your projects each from your own My Mouser account. The person who created the project will have the ability to approve or deny any changes made after your project has been shared. For more details, go to your projects and click on the “Share Project” link. To access shared projects enter the Access ID below.

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