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Vishay / Thin Film is a worldwide leader in thin film technology. Vishay / Thin Film technology employs photolithographic precision patterning to give designers a wide range of resistance values in the smallest possible area.

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Vishay / Thin Film PHP High Power Resistors

Vishay / Thin Film's PHP High Power Resistors have expanded to include new devices in compact 0603 and 0805 case sizes. Vishay / Thin Film's PHP High Power Resistors have enlarged backside terminations to reduce thermal resistance between the topside resistor layer and the solder joint on the user's circuit board. Features of PHP Resistors from Vishay / Thin Film include resistance range of 10Ω to 30kΩ, wide temperature range up to 125ºC, high power ratings up to 2.5W, resistance tolerance to ±0.1%, low absolute TCR of ±25ppm/ºC, high purity ceramic substrate, and UL 94 V-0 flame resistance. Applications that utilize PHP High Power Resistors are power supplies, power switching, braking system, test and measurement equipment, and motor deflection circuits.

Vishay / Thin Film HTRN High Temperature Resistors

Vishay / Thin Film HTRN High Temperature Resistors feature an operating temp range of -55C to 215C and noise less than 35dB and absolute TCR of +/- 25ppm/c and TCR tracking of 5ppm/c. Vishay / Thin Film HTRN High Temperature Resistors offer a ratio tolerance to ± 0.05 %, ratio stability ± 0.1 % and rugged molded case construction with no internal solder. Applications include automotive, oil and gas exploration, aerospace engine control, telecommunications and industrial equipment.

Vishay / Thin Film PNM Series Non-Magnetic Chip Resistors

Vishay / Thin Film PNM Series Non-Magnetic Chip Resistors eliminate materials that would disturb magnetic fields applications, such as MRI magnetic resonance imaging machines. Vishay / Thin Film's PNM Series resistors contain non-magnetic materials that eliminate the effects of stray magnetic fields on circuit performance, resulting in simplified shielding requirements and improved sound quality in audio applications. Other features of the PNM Series include moisture resistance, high purity alumina substrate availability, non-standard values availability, very low noise and voltage coefficient (<-30 dB), non-inductiveness, 100% visual inspection per MIL-PRF-55342, laser-trimmed tolerances to ±0.1%, wraparound resistance less than 10mΩ, and more.

Vishay / Thin Film PAT Series Precision Automotive Chip Resistors

Vishay / Thin Film PAT Series Precision Automotive Chip Resistors out-perform all requirements of AEC-Q200. In addition to being AEC-Q200 qualified, Vishay / Thin Film's PAT Series resistors are in AEC-Q200 ESD rated class 1C(2kV) and are available in wraparound termination styles in 8 case sizes. These resistors are also laser trimmed to any value and are moisture resistant to MIL-STD-202 (method 202). They have a resistance range of 10Ω to 3MΩ, load life stability <0.05% at 1000 hours at 70ºC, very low noise and voltage coefficient, 100% visual inspection per MIL-PRF-55342, and RoHS compliance. The PAT Series resistors's self-passivated enhanced tantalum nitride resistor film gives it superior performance on moisture resistance, electrostatic discharge, voltage coefficient, power handling and resistance stability. 

Vishay / Thin Film PLT Series Chip Resistors

Vishay / Thin Film PLT Series Chip Resistors are ideal for precision applications that require low noise, stability, ultra low temperature coefficient of resistance, and low voltage coefficient. The surface mountable PLT Series resistors from Vishay Thin Film have a TCR of ±5 ppm/ºC as standard and tolerances to ±0.01%. In addition, these halogen-free, RoHS-compliant resistors offer anti-corrosion resistant film with (SPM) special passivation method and stable film and performance characteristics. They are UL 94 V-0 flame resistant and have an operating temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC. Other electrical characteristics of PLT Series resistors are working voltage range of 75 to 200V and resistance range of 250Ω to 100kΩ. Non-standard resistance values are available.

Vishay / Thin Film Dual-In-Line Resistor Network/Divider

Vishay / Thin Film dual-in-line network / divider provides optimum ratio precision and exceptional stability for most applications and offers a wide ratio range from 1:1 through 100:1. The series also features four isolated resistors, close TCR tracking, and tight ratio tolerance with standard 50 mil pitch lead spacing.

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