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Temp-Flex Cable, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty wire & cable and invests heavily in research & development to provide technological solutions to the Medical, Aerospace, Military, Computer, Electronics, Test & Measurement and Industrial markets. Processing equipment & tooling are fabricated in their fully equipped machine and fabrication shops to ensure product consistency. Temp-Flex products are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions & harsh environments. All of Temp-Flex’s standard product lines follow RoHS compliance standards.


For more Molex products, visit Molex, one of the world's largest global manufacturers of interconnect products. Molex creates innovative product solutions for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board connectors, including header, backplane, terminal, telecom, ethernet, and cable, as well as application tooling.

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Temp-Flex Featured Products

Temp-Flex MediSpec™Micro Miniature Ribbon Cables

Temp-Flex MediSpec™ Micro Miniature Ribbon Cables are medical products manufactured into a ribbon format for routability. The Micro Mini Ribbon Cables from Temp-Flex are biocompatible and have exceptional concentricity. These cables include wires 50 AWG (1 mil) and larger with less than 0.003" (3 mil) of pin-hole free insulation.

Temp-Flex MediSpec Micro Extrusion Primary Wires - Coming Soon

Temp-Flex™ MediSpec™ Micro Extrusion Primary Wires enable designers to develop densely packaged surgical leads for a variety of invasive and implantable medical applications. MediSpec Micro Extrusion Primary Wires meet tight tolerance requirements and deliver high reliability down to 50 AWG in a wide range of biocompatible conductor materials. The wire insulation is applied using a precise extrusion process that results in superior dielectric integrity. This process simultaneously encapsulates the wire, providing a consistent and uniform coating. In addition, the process provides a pin-hole-free insulation, resulting in limited risk of conductor exposure and provides a more reliable insulation versus dispersion or enamel coatings.

Temp-Flex MediSpec Connectors - Coming Soon

Temp-Flex™ MediSpec™ Connectors support medical device manufacturers by delivering the latest interconnect technologies for maximum product efficiency, reliability and flexibility. MediSpec products address the electronic design demands of medical equipment manufacturers engineering new and emerging healthcare products in diagnostic imaging, therapeutic and surgical, patient monitoring, hospital and patient care and healthcare IT applications. The effectiveness and reliability of healthcare devices and systems rely on the robust design, engineering and performance of their underlying electronics. With its MediSpec portfolio of products, Molex is leading the way in the convergence of electronic product integration into medical applications and delivering the technology solutions for the next generation of healthcare.

Temp-Flex MediSpec MMC Coils - Coming Soon

Temp-Flex MediSpec™ Micro Miniature Coils (MMC) deliver stimulation, ablation, diagnostics and pacing with extreme precision in virtually unlimited lengths, meeting requirements for invasive and implantable medical applications. MediSpec™ Micro Miniature Coils are designed to meet the unique performance characteristics for minimally invasive (less than 30 days in body) and implantable (greater than 30 days in body) medical applications. The form factor and degree of precision are required as medical OEMs integrate these into Class 3 (high diligence) probes and devices. Coiled leads are electrical wires that are wrapped around a mandrel. The wire is wound into a coil (spring-type fashion), resulting in more flexibility. With the options of one to eight filars (helically wound) around a mandrel, which can be retracted leaving a lumen (tube), MediSpec Micro Miniature Coils allow medical OEMs to tailor application designs to their unique requirements.

Temp-Flex Microminiature Coaxial Cable

Temp-Flex Microminiature Coaxial Cable features Single Extrusion Technology, which incorporates insulated wires 50 AWG (1 mil) and larger with less than 0.003" (3 mils) of pin-hole free insulation, shielded with a round or flat wire shield. The robust Temp-Flex Microminiature Coaxial Cable offers a tight tolerance, high dielectric withstanding voltage, and exceptional concentricity.

Temp-Flex Coaxial Cables

Temp-Flex Coaxial Cables are high-speed data cables with a specialty fluoropolymer dielectric and a solid FEP dielectric around the center conductor. Consistent mechanical tolerances yield extremely consistent electrical performance.

Temp-Flex Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cables

Temp-Flex Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cables are insulated with a patented fluoropolymer dielectric. A helically wrapped foil shield and braid are applied to the cable. A 70% VOP is achieved with a solid FEP dielectric around the center conductor and 85% VOP is achieved with the addition of monofilaments wrapped around the center conductor with an FEP dielectric layer applied over the monofilaments. Temp-Flex Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cables offer a 50 Ohms impedance rating and available versions are compatible with standard 047 connectors (29 AWG) and 141 connectors (19 AWG).

Temp-Flex Cable Flat FEP Ribbon Cables

Temp-Flex Flat FEP Ribbon Cables are high temperature, high flexibility, abrasion resistant cables using chemically inert insulation material in ribbon format for ease of termination with standard I.D.C.'s (Insulation Displacement Connectors). Features include extruded (will not delaminate), tight pitch tolerances, high temperature range (200º C), resistant to chemicals, environmentally stable, contains high performance dielectric insulation and are non-combustible.

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