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Tektronix is a world leader in test, measurement, and monitoring. Tektronix's extensive product line includes oscilloscopes, arbitrary/function generators, and accessories. Their Quality Management System ensures consistent quality in products and services throughout the world, allowing customers to design, build, deploy, and manage "next generation" global communications networks and internet technologies. Tektronix is committed to environmental responsibility through its comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy and providing charitable support to the community through the Tektronix Foundation.

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Tektronix MDO3000
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Tektronix New Products

Added 03/2014 Tektronix TBS1000B Series 2-Channel Ocilloscopes Learn More
Added 02/2014 Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope Learn More
Added 12/2013 Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer Learn More
Added 04/2013 Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzer Learn More
Added 12/2012 Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: TBS1000 Series Learn More
Added 12/2012 Tektronix AFG3000 EXPANSION Learn More
Added 10/2012 Tektronix MSO/DPO2000B Series Oscilloscopes Learn More
Added 08/2012 Tektronix AFG2000 Arbitrary / Function Generators Learn More
Added 03/2012 Tektronix PSM Series RF Microwave Power Sensors/Meters Learn More
Added 01/2012 Tektronix TDS3000C Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Learn More
Added 01/2012 Tektronix THS3000 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes Learn More
Added 08/2011 Tektronix High Voltage Differential Probes Learn More
Added 05/2011 Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: TDS1000C-EDU Series Learn More
Added 04/2011 Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: TPS2000B Series Learn More
Added 03/2011 Tektronix PWS Series Bench Power Supplies Learn More
Added 11/2010 Tektronix FCA 3000, 3100 Series Timer / Counter / Analyzer Learn More
Added 11/2010 Tektronix TDS2000C Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Learn More
Added 09/2010 Tektronix TPS2000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope Bundle Learn More
Added 06/2009 Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes: MSO3000 Learn More
Added 11/2008 Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Series: MSO2000, DPO2000 Learn More
Added 11/2008 Tektronix Arbitrary / Function Generator Series AFG3000 Learn More
Added 10/2008 Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Series: TDS1000B-2000B Learn More
Added 10/2008 Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Series: DPO3000 Learn More
Added 10/2008 Tektronix Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Series: TDS3000C Learn More

Tektronix Featured Products

Tektronix TBS1000B Series 2-Channel Ocilloscopes

Tektronix TBS1000B Series 2-Channel Ocilloscopes provide affordable performance in a compact design. Packed with standard features - including USB connectivity, 34 automated measurements, limit testing, data logging, frequency counter, TrendPlot™ and a context-sensitive help menu - the TBS1000B Series oscilloscopes helps you get more done, in less time.

Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) is the ultimate 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope that includes an integrated spectrum analyzer, arbitrary function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, and digital voltmeter/counter. The MDO3000 is completely customizable and fully upgradeable. At the core of the MDO3000 Series is a world-class oscilloscope, offering comprehensive tools that speed each stage of debug – from quickly discovering anomalies and capturing them, to searching your waveform record for events of interest and analyzing their characteristics and your device’s behavior.

Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer

Tektronix PA1000 is a prime choice for making precision power measurements on single-phase power supplies and all types of products connected to the AC line. Whether you need to test for compliance with energy-usage regulations such as Energy Star™, or simply need to characterize your product's overall power-conversion performance and efficiency, you will find the PA1000 offers the most modern and complete test solution with performance and features unmatched by other singlephase analyzers. The color graphics display on the PA1000 provides intuitive readout of not only measurement values, but also harmonic bar charts, waveform display, energy integration plots and more. Setup of the PA1000 for your particular application is also easy and flexible, using the menu-driven interface and soft keys.

Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzer

Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzer, when paired with a Tektronix oscilloscope, provides a complete test solution for power electronics design and characterization. PA4000 offers consistently high measurement accuracy, even under challenging conditions such as high distortion or wide voltage/current variation. Unique "Spiral Shunt" technology maximizes stability over changes in temperature, current level, frequency, and other factors. Two shunts are included on each channel - one for current measurements up to 1A, for precise low-current measurements, and one for current measurements up to 30A, for higher-current measurements. Unique high-speed digital signal processing algorithms track power cycles accurately, even in the presence of transients and noise. Inputs are tolerant of the high crest factors commonly seen in many of today's power electronic devices.

Tektronix AFG3000 EXPANSION

NEW! Tektronix AFG3000C series offers an enhanced active color display and two new 50MHz models.
Tektronix AFG3000 Series Arbitrary / Function Generator represents a breakthrough in signal source technology. The large display and intuitive user interface makes this product easy to learn and use. The AFG3000 Arbitrary / Function Generator generates frequencies up to 240 MHz and sampling rates up to 2 GS/s, as well as front panel memory USB connectivity for saving and transferring waveforms and settings. Tektronix offers dual channel models that allow a completely independent selection of waveforms and frequencies.

Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: TBS1000 Series

Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: TBS1000 Series provides affordable performance in a compact design. Designed with schools and universities in mind, the TBS1000 oscilloscope is easy to learn and simple to operate. Included is an Education Resource CD filled with tools to help students master the use of an oscilloscope.
Standard features include USB connectivity, 16 automated measurements, limit testing, and data logging. The series offers up to 150 MHz of bandwidth and 1 GS/s maximum sample rate. Real-time sampling is offered, with no decrease in performance when using multiple channels. Advanced triggers include rising/falling edge, pulse width, and video for quickly isolating signals of interest. Advanced math capabilities and automated measurements speed analysis.

Tektronix MSO/DPO2000B Series Oscilloscopes

Tektronix MSO/DPO2000B Series Oscilloscopes expands the award-winning MSO/DPO200 Series. This expansion introduces 6 new models and a new price structure. The new series meets the performance, flexibility, and affordability needs of more designers.  In addition to 100MHz and 200MHz models, both DPO and MSO oscilloscopes include new 70Mhz models for very basic, low speed signal visualization. All three bandwidth models offer 2-channel and 4-channel versions. MSO/DPO2000B oscilloscopes provide the same feature-rich tools offered with the 2000 series, such as advanced low-speed serial trigger and bus decode, 16 digital channels (MSO), most advanced trigger system, longer memory, and WaveInspector® controls.

Tektronix MSO/DPO2000B Oscilloscopes deliver the performance and tools you need to visualize your signals and find answers quickly. It provides bandwidth from 70-200MHz, two to four channels, 1M points of usable record length, 5,000 wfm's waveform capture rate, and a 7-inch display. The MSO/DPO2000B Oscilloscope series features FilterVu™ variable low-pass filter that also allows you to see signal details to the full bandwidth. Serial triggering tools include automated serial triggering, decode, and search for I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, and RS-232/422/485/UART.

Tektronix AFG2000 Arbitrary / Function Generators

Tektronix AFG2000 Arbitrary / Function Generator Series is a cost-effective testing solution for many applications, including electronic design, sensor simulation, education, and system integration. AFG2021 offers 20MHz bandwidth, 14-bit vertical resolution, and 250mS/s sample rate. Other features include 12 built-in standard waveforms, multiple run and modulation modes, and 4 x 128 kS built-in memory and USB memory expansion for user defined waveforms. The new AFG2021 is based on the intuitive technology and User Interface of Tektronix AFG3000 series. Two AFG2021 models are available: with standard USB Host & Device, and with optional GPIB and LAN connectivity. ArbExpress and SignalExpress productivity software programs are included with each unit.

Tektronix PSM Series RF Microwave Power Sensors/Meters

The PSM3000, PSM4000, and PSM5000 Series from Tektronix are compact USB Power Sensors/Meters that deliver fast, accurate RF and Microwave Power measurements. The Sensors/Meters feature the industry's fastest measurement speed (2000 readings per second) and cover a wide dynamic range of -60 dBm to +20 dBm, and frequencies ranging from 10 MHz up to 26.5 GHz. Tektronix RF Microwave Power Sensors/Meters come with Windows-based power meter application software, providing a complete test solution that eliminates the need for a separate meter mainframe. Using a patented technique to ensure stability and calibration over the entire temperature range, the need for frequent sensor zeroing and meter reference calibration is eliminated. PSM3000 Series provides true average power measurements; PSM4000 Series delivers average power (CW) measurements plus pulse and peak power measurements; PSM5000 Series provides the same measurements as PSM4000, with the addition of pulse profiling.

Tektronix THS3000 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes

The THS3000 Series from Tektronik is designed to perform advance debugging and analysis in both field and lab environments. For engineers and technicians tasked with making both in-lab and in-field measurements, THS3000 offers the highest performing Handheld Oscilloscopes on the market today. Two bandwidth models are available: 100 MHz with 2.5 GS/s maximum sampling rate, and 200 MHZ with 5 GS/s sample rate. Both models come with four fully isolated and floating channels with a 10,000 point record length for each channel. THS3000 performs 21 automatic measurements as well as waveform math and FFT spectral analysis. The THS3000 Series, when used with Tektronix voltage and current probes, is equipped to handle power measurements on motor drives, power converters/inverters, and power semiconductor devices.

Tektronix High Voltage Differential Probes

Tektronix High Voltage Differential Probes convert floating signals to low-voltage ground-referenced signals that can be displayed on any ground-referenced oscilloscope. Developed to enable users to safely and easily take measurements of floating circuits, the Tektronix High Voltage Differential Probes feature bandwidths up to 100 MHz, floating voltages up to 5,600 V, overrange indicator, switchable attenuation, and switchable bandwidth limit. Ideally suited for floating measurements, switching power supply design, motor drive design, electronic ballast design, CRT display design, power converter design & service, and power device evaluation.

Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes: TPS2000B Series

Tektronix TPS2000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (TPS2012B, TPS2014B, and TPS2024B Series) utilize IsolatedChannel™ technology which provides isolation from ground and isolation between channels, allowing the user to take measurements without the worry of damaging circuitry. The benchtop TPS2000B Series from Tektronix has familiar controls and menus, is easy to use, and offers a distinctive range of operation capabilities. Key features include 100 MHz and 200 MHz bandwidths, sample rates up to 2 GS/s Real Time, 2 or 4 fully isolated and floating channels plus isolated external trigger, battery power as a standard feature, FFT standard on all models, advanced triggers to quickly capture the event of interest, backlit menus for high visibility, and much more.

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