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Tamura Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of magnetic components and power supplies in the world, including audio and signal transformers, linear and switching power supplies, transformers, current sensors, and Hall Effect sensors. Tamura Corporation has a long-standing commitment to quality. It is their goal to uphold the highest standards at all Tamura locations from design to production. To meet this objective, they strive to produce an environment of continuous improvement to ensure the highest level of service, performance in design, durability in manufacturing, and on time delivery.

Tamura Product Line

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Tamura TCDC7001 Photovoltaic DC / DC Converters

Tamura Corporation TCDC7001 Photovoltaic DC / DC Converters feature 24 watt DC power supply, wide DC input range, isolation control, and 80% efficiency. TCDC7001 Photovoltaic DC / DC Converters are ideal for powering DC current sensor modules and data transmission devices in DC Circuit type "Smart" Combiner Boxes.

Tamura PAS250 Series 250W Switch Mode Power Supply

Tamura offers the single output PAS250 Switch Mode Power Supply with 250 watts of max output power. H.A.L.T. (Highly Accelerated Life Testing), RoHS compliant, and EN61000 compliant, the PAS250 Switch Mode Power Supply features Power Factor Correction.

Tamura Power Transformer Series: 3FD-2xx

Tamura Series 3FD-2xx Power Transformers are power rated 1.1VA dual primary and operate with either a parallel input of 115V or a series input of 230V. The three-flange bobbin construction allows for low capacitive coupling. Tamura's Power Transformers feature a Hi-Pot rating of 2500Vrms, are insulated to Class B (130º), and are RoHS compliant.