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NEDA Authorized Alpha (Taiwan) Distributor
Alpha (Taiwan)
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Alpha (Taiwan) specializes in the manufacturing of Switches, Encoders and Potentiometers. With 34 years of manufacturing experience it's a name you can trust. Alpha (Taiwan) has been providing quality products and professional services worldwide. Alpha (Taiwan) specializes in the production of over 1,000 varieties of switches and potentiometers for the audio/video and computer fields.

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Added 10/2009 Alpha (Taiwan) 16mm Reverse Audio Potentiometer Learn More
Added 05/2008 Alpha (Taiwan) Rotary Encoder Learn More

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Alpha (Taiwan) Rotary Switches

Alpha (Taiwan) offers the SR2511F Series Rotary Switches rated 125VAC, 0.3A with shorting or non-shorting timing. The lengths are between 10 and 45mm and a diameter of 6mm. The Alpha (Taiwan) SR2511F Rotary Switches are available in 2 - 12 positions.

Alpha (Taiwan) 16mm Reverse Audio Potentiometer

The Alpha (Taiwan) 16mm Reverse Audio Potentiometer is available in either a 6mm (screwdriver) or 6.35mm (knurled) insulated metal shaft for PC mounting. With a rotational life of 15,000 cycles, the Alpha (Taiwan) 16mm Reverse Audio Potentiometer is ideal for communications equipment, mobile communications, audio equipment, and musical instruments.

Alpha (Taiwan) Rotary Encoder

The Alpha (Taiwan) rotary encoder has shafts ranging from 7MM to 20MM in metal, insulated, gray or binary coded versions.

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