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NEDA Authorized Susumu Distributor
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Susumu has been the world leader for thin film components for half century, serving telecommunication & networking, computers & storage devices, power supply equipment, test & measuring equipment, medical equipment, as well as automotive and consumer electronics. Susumu's RG series thin film resistors are known to be the most reliable, accurate and precise thin film resistors in the industry. Susumu's products are all RoHS compliant and Susumu is accredited for ISO9001, 14001 and TS16949.

Susumu received "Zero Defect"
Award by TOYOTA / Hirose 2012
Susumu Precision Film Chip Resistors
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RR030 RR051 CPA251 Series RG1608 RR081 RR122 RG2012 RG1005 RG3216 RL0510 RL0816 RL1220 RL1632 RL3720 RL3264 RL7520 PRL0816 PRL1220 PRL1632 PRL3264 KRL7638 KRL11050 KRL6432 KRL3264 KRL3216 KRL1632 KRL2012 KRL1220