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SL Power Electronics designs, manufactures and markets rugged, highly reliable and efficient internal and external power supplies for demanding OEM medical, industrial, test & measurement and LED lighting applications. The company is a global leader in the development of AC/DC and DC/DC standard, modified and custom power supplies. Designed to the highest level of EMC/EMI performance, SL Power's products are certified to the stringent standards of IEC 60601-1 3rd edition for medical applications and EN60959-1 2nd edition for industrial applications, assuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. The company's high power density product offering includes a broad range of feature-rich AC/DC and DC/DC open-frame switch mode and linear power supplies from seven to 6000 watts under the Condor brand name. External AC/DC switch mode power supplies are available from six to 220 watts, as well as transformers, battery chargers and DC mobile adapters under the Ault brand name.

Ault Ault
  • Energy Star Compliant External Power Supplies
  • Desktop External Power Supplies
  • Wall Mount External Power Supplies
  • Medical External Power Supplies
  • Power Over Ethernet
Condor Condor
  • Open Frame Linear Power Supplies
  • Open Frame Medical Linear Power Supplies
  • Open Frame Switching Power Supplies
  • Open Frame Medical Switching Power Supplies
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