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Account Services

Sign up for a free My Mouser Account today. Save ordering information for easy checkout, create and save projects and more.

Edit your contact, billing, shipping and other account information.

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Sign up for e-mail from Mouser or manage your existing subscription preferences.

Ordering Services

Search, view, download or print current and past invoices.

Associate notes to specific parts and save them when you're logged in to your account.

Access your current and past orders, view orders with open lines, track shipments and more.

Review and order quoted products.

Easily request a single item quote or multiple item quote.

Mouser offers several packaging choices from reels, cut tape and more. Check your parts for these options when ordering.

Learn detailed information and access downloadable resources about Mouser's newest products and latest technologies.

Learn about the latest applications and industry trends with tutorials and white paper design resources on vertical markets.

Request a return authorization for products purchased from Mouser Electronics.

Mobile Services

MouserMobile™ enables you to shop on from virtually anywhere! You can search, browse, and buy over 1.8 million products as well as view product pricing, availability, specifications and images right from your mobile device.

Find products, shop the catalog and view the newest products added daily with Mouser's app. Plus, the built-in scanner allows you to quickly scan the barcodes on your Mouser shipments to get invoice and detailed part information.


Download the Mouser Linecard, the entire PDF catalog or specific product sections for easy offline browsing.

Search parts or keywords on any web page using your browser's built-in search box.

Search any website for Mouser part details and availability with this free web browser add-on.

One-click access to Mouser part details and availability in Microsoft Outlook and Excel.

Learn about Mouser's powerful, time-saving search tools to help you find the products you need.

Browse products, see pricing and availability, view datasheets and order products directly from our online catalog.

Create a project and share with colleagues to view and order from