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SEMITEC Corporation offers thermistors, thermistor sensors, power thermistors, infrared sensors, no-contact temperature sensors, surge absorbers, silicon surge absorbers, varistors, current devices and other current regulative diodes, and thermopiles. SEMITEC brand thermistors have been considered top class in the world with their accuracy of temperature and reliability.

Semitec USA Newest Products

Semitec USA New Products

Newest Products From Semitec USA

  • JT Thermistors JT Thermistors

    11/10/2011 500µm thin, high precision thermistor with superior electrical insulation.

  • AT & ET Thermistors AT & ET Thermistors

    11/10/2011 Requires no adjustment between the control circuit and the sensor.

  • KT Thermistors KT Thermistors

    11/10/2011 Highly reliable chip thermistors detect temperature within relatively small time constraints.

  • AP Thermistors AP Thermistors

    11/10/2011 Super high precision thermistors with high heat resistance.

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