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NEDA Authorized Semelab / TT Electronics Distributor

Semelab designs and manufactures electronic components for customers across defense and aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and industrial electronics markets. Semelab's key applications are power modules in the solar, space and high temperature markets. Their products include: power modules, discrete semiconductors, RF Mosfets and hybrid microcircuits.

TT Electronics Technology Center

TT Electronics Technology CenterThe Technology Showcase brings together TT Electronics' key products within selected vertical markets: medical, defence & aerospace, industrial, transportation and energy. Highlighting their latest and most innovative products, the Showcase helps you to choose the right products to develop your applications.
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Semelab / TT Electronics New Products

Added 08/2012 TT Electronics Silicon Carbide Power Devices Learn More

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Semelab / TT Electronics Silicon Carbide Power Devices

Semelab / TT Electronics brings together the unique attributes of Silicon Carbide and the advanced capability of Semelab packaging to offer unprecedented performance and reliability. Semelab now offers ultra fast recovery power rectifiers, power schottky rectifier diode bridge, schottky rectifiers, and a normally-off power JFET designed with silicon carbide to offer high reliability, high temperature operation, and various levels of screening and qualification as required. These devices offer junction temperatures up to 230ºC, higher power dissipation, smaller footprints, hermetic packaging, and reduced cooling requirements. This makes these devices ideal for applications that require less cooling, are for harsher environments, and new applications with a high performance design and less costly system implementation.

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