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Mouser Search Tools

Helping you find the newest products for your newest designs.

Mouser offers a variety of ways to search Mouser.com; making it faster, easier, and more convenient than ever to find the products you need.

Mouser.com Search

The Mouser.com Search box is conveniently located at the top of every page on Mouser.com. Use it to search for keywords, manufacturer part numbers, Mouser part numbers, and other part descriptors.

Examples of valid search terms include:

  • power channel (keyword)
  • CSD16301Q2 (manufacturer part number)
  • 595-CSD16301Q2 (Mouser part number)
  • csd16 (partial term)

Search results are presented in tabular format, and can be sorted by several criteria including: part number, manufacturer, availability, and pricing. Results also provide quick access to product images, specifications, data sheets, and the ability to add products to a shopping cart.

Mouser.com Search Box and Refine
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Type Ahead Search

Mouser.com gives customers the ability to search millions of parts. To help make our search faster and more efficient, customers can take advantage of our type ahead feature. As you type a part number or keyword, type ahead will appear below the search box. Select the suggestion that matches your search to quickly see results.

Mouser.com Search Suggestions
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Translated Search

With customers all over the world, Mouser takes pride in offering multiple language options on Mouser.com. Now our powerful part search engine supports searching in languages other than English, making it even easier to find products and tools on Mouser.com.

Translated Search
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Part Search Accelerator

Take Mouser's powerful search with you anywhere on the web with our Search Accelerator.

Watch a video about Mouser Part Search Accelerator

This simple add-on for your web browser allows you to highlight any part number or keyword on ANY website, and instantly get Mouser search results and part availability without leaving the current web page.

Search Accelerator Key Features:

  • Search Mouser products without ever leaving the current website
  • Displays part number, manufacturer name, description, availability, and price
  • Links directly to a product's detail page on Mouser.com, as well as the complete results for your search.

The Mouser Part Search Accelerator is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 & Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and newer.

Install Now for Internet Exploerer

How to Install on Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 8 and newer):

  • Click the installation button to the left
  • In the "Add Accelerator" pop-up, check the box to make this the default provider for this category
  • Click the Add button to complete the install
  • The pop-up will close when the accelerator is successfully installed
Install Now for Firefox

How to Install on Mozilla Firefox (Version 3.5 and newer):

  • Click the installation button to the left
  • On the Firefox Add-on website, click the Add to Firefox button
  • Follow all on-screen instructions and prompts
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Microsoft Office Add-ins

The Mouser Part Search Add-in, brings our popular Search Accelerator to the Microsoft® Office platform. Now you can easily get part information and availability from within popular software programs, like Outlook and Excel, when you need it. Just highlight any part number or keyword in an Outlook email message or Excel spreadsheet, click Search Mouser, and instantly preview search results and product details. Get the Add-ins now.

Parametric Search Filters
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Custom Search Engine Browser Plug-in

Harness the power of the Mouser.com part search from your web browser's built-in search.

As web browsers evolve, so does Mouser's ability to plug in to your web browsing experience. Our Search Engine Browser Plug-In installs in just a few seconds, and lets you search for parts or keywords on any web page using your web browser's built-in search box.

Part Search Engine Key Features:

  • Search for Mouser products on any web page
  • Quick access to Mouser.com's award-winning product search

The Mouser Part Search Engine Browser Plug-In is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and newer, and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and newer.

Install Now for Internet Exploerer Search Engine on Internet Explorer
Install Now for Firefox Search Engine on Mozilla Firefox
Install Now for Chrome Search Engine on Google Chrome
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Parametric Search Filtering

With Mouser.com offering such a large quantity and variety of products, finding the exact one would take a long time if it were not for our award winning Parametric Search filtering. As you search on Mouser.com, our product-aware smart filters will be displayed near the top of the search results. Use any or all the available filters to instantly zero in on the perfect part.

Parametric Search Filters
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Smart Filtering

Smart Filtering is the perfect companion tool to Mouser.com's parametric search filters. With Smart Filtering enabled, you will never run into any dead end searches. Smart Filtering instantly disables unselected filters that would result in no parts being found.

Smart Filtering
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Newest Product List

Mouser has and will continue to offer the newest products for your newest designs. Finding the newest products on Mouser.com is as simple as clicking the New Products link on Mouser.com. This central location provides easy access to Mouser.com's newest products, newest suppliers, and newest technologies.

New at Mouser
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Manufacturers List

Mouser offers products from over 500 industry leading manufacturers. To find information about, or products by a particular manufacturer, Mouser provides two handy manufacturer listings.

The first listing gives all manufacturers in alphabetical order, while the second groups manufacturers by the category of their products.

Both lists are easily accessible from the Manufacturers tab near the top of every page on Mouser.com.

View the Manufacturers Listing

Manufacturer Listing
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Online Catalog

Browsing for products on Mouser.com is easy and efficient. Use our intuitive site navigation to quickly find the specific type of products you are looking for.

In addition to traditional browsing on our site, Mouser.com also features the industry's only full-featured Advanced Online Catalog; providing a truly enhanced catalog shopping experience.

View the Advanced Online Catalog

Browse Products
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