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Song Chuan Series 875B High Power Relay

The Song Chuan series 875B High Power Relay features the popular standard sugar-cube footprint with 20amps/125Vac rating, as well as UL/CSAS and TUV approval and TV-8 rating. With 1HP at 125/250VAC, the high performance relay is ideally suited for motor and compressor control.

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Song Chuan 875B-1CH-F-S-24VDC Song Chuan General Purpose Relays PCB SUGAR CUBE RELAY SPDT 16A 24VDC
Page 2,117

Data Sheet
In Stock
1: $2.53
25: $2.32
50: $2.11
100: $1.90

Min.: 1
Mult.: 1
SPDT (1 Form C) 16 A 24 V 1600 Ohms 15 mA Silver Tin Oxide
Song Chuan 875B-1CC-F-S-24VDC

End of Life
End of Life

Song Chuan General Purpose Relays SPDT 16A 24VDC
Data Sheet 74
In Stock
1: $3.40
25: $2.55
50: $2.30
100: $1.95
500: $1.47

Min.: 1
Mult.: 1
Solder Pin Through Hole SPDT (1 Form C) Solder Pin 24 V 1600 Ohms 15 mA Silver Nickel
Song Chuan 875B-1CC-F-S-12VDC Song Chuan General Purpose Relays SPDT 16A 12VDC
Page 2,928

Data Sheet
On Order
More Info Available
1: $3.18
25: $2.38
50: $2.15
100: $1.82
500: View

Min.: 1
Mult.: 1
Solder Pin Through Hole SPDT (1 Form C) Solder Pin 12 V 400 Ohms 30 mA Silver Nickel
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