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Maxim MAX98356 PDM Input Audio Amplifiers

Maxim MAX98356 PDM Input Audio Amplifier is a digital pulse-density modulated (PDM) input Class D power amplifier that provides Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency. The MAX98356 Audio Power Amplifier from Maxim takes a stereo pulse density modulated (SPDM) input signal directly into the DAC and can be configured to produce a left channel, right channel, or (left + right)/2 output from the stereo input data. This IC features an extremely robust digital audio interface with very high wideband jitter tolerance (12ns typ) on PDM_CLK.  The MAX98356 offers five selectable gain settings (3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB, and 15dB) set by a single gain-select input (GAIN) and is available in a 9-pin WLP package (1.345mmx1.435mmx0.64mm).  Other MAX98356 features include 2.5V to 5.5V single supply voltage operation, 3.2W output power into 4Ω at 5V, and operating temperature range -40ºC to +85ºC.  The MAX98356 Evaluation Kit is a fully assembled and tested PCB that evaluates the MAX98356 PDM digital input Class D power amplifier. The MAX98356 Evaluation Kit operates from a single 2.5V to 5.5V power supply and is capable of delivering 3.2W into a 4Ω load with either filterless Class D outputs or with an optional Class D filter that eases evaluation.
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Maxim Integrated MAX98356EWL+

New At Mouser
New At Mouser

Maxim Integrated Audio Amplifiers PCM Input Class D Audio Power Amp
Data Sheet 308
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Maxim Integrated MAX98356EVKIT#

New At Mouser
New At Mouser

Maxim Integrated Audio IC Development Tools MAX98356 Eval Kit
Data Sheet 5
On Order
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1: $62.50
2: $61.50
5: $61.17
10: $60.78
25: $60.01

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Maxim Integrated MAX98356EWL+T

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Maxim Integrated Audio Amplifiers Class D Amplifier
Data Sheet 15,000
Factory Stock Available
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1,890: $1.02
2,500: $0.957
5,000: $0.925

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