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STMicroelectronics EVL250W-ATX80PL 250W ATX SMPS Demo Board

The STMicroelectronics EVL250W-ATX80PL 250W ATX SMPS Demo Board offers an advanced SMPS architecture designed for high-end switching converters dedicated to PC power supplies, servers, and all-in-one solutions. The architecture of the EVL250W-ATX80PL is based on an innovative L6563S front-end PFC stage, an L6591 high-efficiency asymmetrical half-bridge converter stage, two L6727 compact DC-DC post regulators, and an auxiliary low consumption VIPER27 flyback converter. This STMicroelectronics demo board features very high overall efficiency. The multiple output configuration is compliant with the 80 PLUS® Silver level of efficiency while the single output configuration outperforms the 80 PLUS Gold level of efficiency.
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