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Wi2Wi W2SG0084i Industrial-Temperature Mini GPS Module

Wi2Wi W2SG0084i state-of-the-art industrial-temperature miniature GPS module is based on the leading-edge CSR-SiRF Star-IV chip. This Wi2Wi high sensitivity, low-power, 48-channel L1 GPS receiver is designed for portable applications and is an ideal GPS solution for a broad spectrum of OEM products. The W2SG0084i is powered by SiRF Star IV and provides the latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading, and time using the NAVSTAR GPS L1 signal. This Wi2Wi module provides precision commercial-grade GPS location identification over -40ºC to +85ºC. Measuring only 11.2mm x 12mm x 2.5mm, the W2G0084i addresses the need for a cost-effective and high-performance GPS module for major premium markets worldwide.
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