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Vishay / Roederstein manufactures a wide range of film capacitors including polyester, polypropylene, polycarbonate and RFI suppression, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, hybrids and power capacitors for AC/DC.

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Vishay Roederstein MKP1848C DC-Link Capacitors

Vishay Roederstein MKP1848C DC-Link Capacitor is a high-density component that has a very long useful lifetime and high ripple current capability. The MKP1848C DC-Link Caps from Vishay also offer low ESR and low ESL. This series was designed for use with renewable energy inverters and motor drives.

Vishay Roederstein MKP386M Snubber Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Vishay Roederstein MKP386M Series Snubber Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors were designed to reduce voltage and current spikes caused by switching of IGBTs. The MKP386M snubber metallized polypropylene film caps from Vishay also reduce EMI by clamping voltage and current ringing. Features include capacitance range from 0.047µF to 10µF, voltage range from 700V to 2500V, compact design, high pulse strength, low-inductance construction (low ESL), and low ESR.

Vishay/Roederstein MKP1848S Slim DC-Link Film Capacitors

Vishay/Roederstein MKP1848S Slim DC-Link Film Capacitor is a high performance DC filter that offers slim design and very low height with an operating temperature range up to 105ºC. The MKP1848S metallized polypropylene film capacitors from Vishay Roederstein also feature high peak current capabilities and high RMS current capabilities. These capacitors have a capacitance range of 2µF to 100µF, voltage range 500V to 1000V, and capacitance tolerance of 5%.

Vishay / Roederstein Film Capacitor: MKP 1840

Vishay / Roederstein MKP 1840 Film Capacitor series features metalized (aluminum) electrodes, polypropylene film dielectrics, tinned leads, and a flame retardant plastic case. Vishay / Roederstein offers this MKP 1840 series Film Capacitor completely lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.

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