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Radiall is a global manufacturer of interconnect components for numerous industries including Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Medical, and Telecommunications. With expertise centers and manufacturing locations on 3 continents and 13 countries, Radiall provides its customers product innovation, personalized support, and superior logistics.

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Added 08/2013 Radiall Harsh Environment Antennas Learn More
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Added 04/2013 Radiall RAMSES Microwave Switches Learn More
Added 04/2013 Radiall SMP-MAX Connectors Learn More
Added 04/2013 Radiall Waterproof QMA Series Connectors Learn More

Radiall Featured Products

Radiall Low Power SMA/SMP Terminators

Radiall Low Power SMA/SMP Terminators terminate a line or port in its characteristic impedance and absorb incident power with very little reflection. Designed to meet the requirements of all microwave measurement systems, these low power SMA/SMP terminators are ideal for test & measurement, front panel/redundant path termination, and high reliability applications.

Radiall Mcirowave High Power Terminations

Radiall Microwave High Power Terminations from 30 to 200W, up to 6 GHz, are available with Type N, SMA, 7-16 and TNC connections (male and female interfaces). The design concept for Radiall's new high power terminations utilizes mechanical force to restrain the ceramic resistance against the module. This solution improves the life performance of the termination versus common solutions using compound or crimp. A spring is utilized at the extremity of the module to compensate temperature shrinkage, while at the same time increasing robustness and product lifecycle. Radiall Microwave High Power Terminations complies with standard MIL39030 and ISO/IEC 17025.

Radiall Low PIM SMA Coaxial Switches

Radiall Low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) SMA Coaxial Switches meet the growing demand on wireless communication devices with higher data rates. Radiall Low PIM SMA Switches are guaranteed at -160 dBc with the same carriers level at +43dBm. With over 2 million cycles, high reliability and superior RF performance, the Radiall Low PIM SMA switch can be used in Modular Instrumentation, Telecom Equipment Testing and Laboratory Test Benches.

Radiall Harsh Environment Antennas

Radiall harsh environment antennas are designed for industrial to military applications and consist of a range of devices for Line-Of-Sight tactical communications, vehicular mount, GPS, telemetry, and mesh networks. Radiall's standard offerings ensure reliable performance and optimal range in harsh conditions and severe drops. These Radiall antennas include L1 active GPs antennas, waterproof multiband antennas, wide L-Band antennas, and more.

Radiall QLI Connectors

Radiall QLI Connectors provide quick, safe connections using a proven bayonet locking mechanism and performance similar to DIN 7/16 with a very low intermodulation level. Designed for harsh environments, where performance and safety are critical, QLI connectors meet all requirements for IP67 and offer a coupling retention force 450 N, very low intermodulation level ≤-163 dBc & low RF leakage ≤-110dB @ 1GHz,  DC~6GHz frequency range, 50Ω impedance, and up to 1000 W @ 2 GHz RF power. A reduced footprint, compared to 7/16 series, allows for use in high density applications. Double sealing, in addition to a special anti-corrosion and watertight plating, make these connectors well-suited for outdoor installations as well as indoor applications. Radiall QLI Connectors are commonly used in remote radio, BTS, antennas, filters, medical, and high definition applications operating in harsh environments.

Radiall MML Cable Assemblies

Radiall MML Cable Assemblies are designed to meet the need for smaller, miniaturized connectors for applications such as Wi-Fi access points, GPS and other mobile terminals. MML Cable Assemblies offer an operating frequency range of DC-6 GHz and a typical VSWR of 1.35. Compatible with U.FL/W.FL, the MML Series features two types of PCB receptacles and three corresponding types of space-saving plugs with mated heights of 2.5mm, 2.0mm and 1.5mm. Radiall also offers a variety of MML Series cable assemblies with three RoHS compliant 50 ohm high-performance cables: 1.3mm for MML H2.5, 1.13mm for MML H2.0 or 0.81mm for MML H1.5 Adapters. Customized cable assemblies are also available.

Radiall R596 Series Switches

Radiall R596 SMT Power Micro-SPDT Switches bring together the excellent reliability, RF and repeatability characteristics of coaxial switches with the miniature size and low cost implementation of surface mount components. With an innovative and original micro-mechanical design, the R596 Series switches have a very low return loss and insertion loss that allow the switch to be used in power applications such as  RF attenuators, RF matrices, spectrum analyzers, and
telecommunications. Failsafe models are proposed in two RF configurations (direct and inverted).

Radiall Waterproof QMA Series Connectors

Radiall Waterproof QMA Series Connectors are an alternative to traditional SMA connectors for applications up to 6 GHz and provide high density and quick connections within and to RF modules. They provide long lasting durability needed for the most demanding harsh outdoor applications such as portable test and GPS equipment, RFID, wireless surveillance cameras, base stations, handhelds as well as interconnections between modules and antennas needed for Wi-Fi, WiMax, 3G, 4G and more.

Radiall RAMSES Microwave Switches

Radiall RAMSES Microwave Switches are an innovative system designed for constructing electromechanical coaxial RF switches with increased long term reliability. The unique internal construction makes the switches modular, which reduces the cost and lead time. The Radiall Modular System for Electromechanical Switches (RAMSES) is a patented concept that enables microwave coaxial switches to be produced with a typical operating life of 10 million cycles while suffering no decrease in contact resistance reliability over time.

Radiall SMP-MAX Connectors

Radiall SMP-MAX Connectors address the most demanding wireless telecom applications required for the new generation of infrastructure compact equipment. A patented impedance matching insulator is optimized for a larger operating gap between connectors making it easier for engineers to handle a board-to-board distance tolerance of at least .078” (2.0mm) without a spring, which is 300% more than the standard SMP. The SMP-MAX connectors feature a 3° minimum tilt (radial travel) and has an operating frequency range of DC-6 GHz and a 1.2 max VSWR guaranteed at DC-3 GHz.

Radiall BNC 75 HDTV Connectors

Radiall BNC 75 HDTV Connectors are the first lightweight composite True 75 Ohm HDTV BNC available on the market. Radiall's selection of easy to use, affordable BNC HD connectors offer more bandwidth and higher performance required for new demands on maintaining high signal integrity at high data rates, from studio-quality broadcast production to video conferencing equipment. The BNC 75 HDTV connectors can handle data rates up to 3 Gbps or higher, while supporting the broadcast industry’s SMPTE 292M and 424M standards. They come in a wide variety of colors for signal cable identification and the special curved interface composite material design with positioning marks makes it easy and fast to connect and disconnect.

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