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Panasonic Industrial Devices

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Panasonic Industrial Devices is a market leader and supplier of choice for high quality, state of the art, Relays, Sensors and Connectors. Encompassing both electromechanical and solid state Relay technologies, Panasonic's product line includes: Signal, Power, PhotoMOS, Solid State, and High Frequency solutions for the industrial, telecommunications, medical and test & measurement markets. In addition, they manufacture automotive grade relays for the transportation industry including solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Learn More about Panasonic Electric Works AQY221 Series PhotoMOS Relays

Panasonic Industrial Devices AQY221 Series PhotoMOS Relays contain three key components: the LED, turned on by a set voltage applied to input pins; the LED light is detected by the Photo Cell, which creates a voltage differential between the cells; the signal is optically isolated from the load; the voltage differential at the Photo Cells switch the Dual MOSFET, thereby switching the load circuit. The newest package style for Panasonic PhotoMOS Relays is Very Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (VSSOP), the smallest package in its class. Panasonic's AQY221 VSSOP PhotoMOS relays reduce circuit board space requirements by 29% to just 4.6mm2.
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