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Optrex / Kyocera
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Optrex, acquired by Kyocera, is the world leader in manufacturing Liquid Crystal Displays for an expanding line of products that ranges from instruments to handheld equipment to automotive displays. Tapping a new technology called Feed Forward Driving (FFD™), Optrex has developed a line of TFT LCDs that displays fast-changing images and text with increased clarity. FFD technology, in the form of an ASIC that also houses frame memory and a look-up table, serves to greatly accelerate the frame-to-frame process and to eliminate the problem of slow intra-grayscale response times associated with TFT LCDs.

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Optrex / Kyocera TCG Series Color TFT Displays

Optrex / Kyocera TCG Color TFT displays are LCD modules designed for use in electronic devices and industrial machines in the areas of audio control, office automation, industrial control, home appliances, and more. The TCG series ranges in display size from 4.3" up to 10.4". Each TCG display features an LED backlight, anti-glare treatment polarizer, a timing controller, and a 3.3V input power supply.

Optrex / Kyocera 5.0" TFT LCDs

Optrex / Kyocera 5.0" TFT LCDs are small-size displays known for enhanced image quality and excellent readability in indoor and outdoor environments. These small-size TFT-LCD displays provide exceptionally high contrast and color saturation as well as enhanced image quality. These 5.0" TFT LCDs have a built-in timing controller and DC/DC converter and achieve low power consumption with white LED backlights. The Optrex T-55423GD050J-LW-A-AAN and T-55382GD050JU-LW-A-AAN include a factory-applied touch screen. These Optrex / Kyocera displays are ideal for a use in a variety of applications, including industrial mobile commuting devices, handheld testing equipment, medical devices, and more.

Optrex / Kyocera LCD Graphic Modules

Optrex / Kyocera TFT (thin film transistor) flat panel displays are rugged, high performance modules designed for the most demanding non-PC applications. The LCD display modules deliver best-in-class, front-of-screen performance with wide viewing angles, powerful backlights and exceptionally high contrast, color saturation and luminance for a range of non-PC applications. These graphic modules are exceptionally rugged – and can operate reliably over wide temperature ranges.