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NEDA Authorized Optek Technology / TT Electronics Distributor

Optek Technology designs and manufactures electronic components for customers across defense and aerospace, medical, transportation, energy and industrial electronics markets. Key applications are sensing, illumination and indication in office equipment, encoders, military and Hi-Rel applications, and medical diagnostic equipment. Products include: optoelectronics - discrete LEDs, surface mount and thru-hole LEDs and Hall effect sensors.

TT Electronics Technology Center

TT Electronics Technology CenterThe Technology Showcase brings together TT Electronics' key products within selected vertical markets: medical, defence & aerospace, industrial, transportation and energy. Highlighting their latest and most innovative products, the Showcase helps you to choose the right products to develop your applications.
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TT Electronics Newest Products

Optek Technology / TT Electronics New Products

Added 03/2014 TT Electronics OVSRRGBCC3 LEDs Learn More
Added 02/2012 TT Electronics OPA779 Series Display Light Bars Learn More
Added 01/2012 TT Electronics OPI1268S High Voltage, High Speed Opto-Isolator Learn More
Added 05/2011 TT Electronics OVM4 Series Hi-Reliability Visible LED Lamps Learn More
Added 10/2009 TT Electronics OVS5MxBCR4 Mini Half-Watt LEDs Learn More
Added 10/2009 TT Electronics OPA8x Near-Infrared Light Rings Learn More
Added 06/2009 TT Electronics Optimal XIV Star Multi-LED Learn More
Added 05/2009 TT Electronics OPB733TR Reflective Sensor Learn More
Added 04/2009 TT Electronics Sensor Calibration Boards Learn More
Added 03/2009 TT Electronics OUE8A UV LED Learn More
Added 03/2009 TT Electronics Optimal IV Star LED Learn More
Added 03/2009 TT Electronics LED Module Strips Learn More
Added 01/2009 TT Electronics OPB420 Series Slotted Optical Switch Learn More
Added 08/2008 TT Electronics Power Line Designer Kits Learn More
Added 06/2008 TT Electronics Optocouplers: OPIA series Learn More
Added 04/2007 TT Electronics OVTL01LGA 1-watt Cup Series LEDs Learn More

Optek Technology / TT Electronics Featured Products