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ECIA Authorized NOVACAP Distributor
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NOVACAP, a Knowles product brand, is a leading supplier of application-specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and capacitor assemblies. NOVACAP's SMT and radial leaded capacitors are used in a variety of markets including aerospace, military, medical, telecommunications, computer, and oil exploration.

For more ceramic capacitor components visit Syfer, Dielectric Laboratories, and Voltronics.

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NOVACAP Featured Products

NOVACAP Y2 Certified Safety MLC Chip Capacitors

NOVACAP's Y2 Certified Safety MLC Chip Capacitors are safety certified, Y2 class compliant capacitors available in sizes ES 2211, ES 2215 and ES2225 and specifically designed for use in modem, facsimile, telephone and other electronic equipment where lightning or over-voltage surges can occur. The NOVACAP Y2 Certified Safety MLC Chip Capacitors are rated at 5000 Vdc and 250 Vac safety approved and certified to IEC60384-14, Second Edition: 1993/A1:1995, as well as compliant to Standards EN 132400: 1994/A2:1998 and meet the requirements of EN61000-4-5, IEC1000-4-5, and IEC801-4-5.

NOVACAP Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

NOVACAP SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are designed and tested to operate in a harsh temperature range between -55ºC and 200ºC. Available in a variety of sizes with varying features, these Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors can be used in applications such as oil exploration, automotive/avionics engine compartment circuitry, modem, facsimile, and telephone and other electronic equipment where lightning or overvoltage surges can occur.

NOVACAP Stacked Capacitor Arrays

NOVACAP stacked capacitor arrays are available with low ESR and ESL in COG and X7R dielectric characteristics for use in high-power or high-frequency applications. The leaded configurations safeguard the devices against thermal and mechanical stresses, as well as include through-hole and surface mount J and L style leads bonded with high-temperature solder. Applications include high-capacitance discharge circuits and high-temperature filtering/decoupling, as well as input and output filters in switch mode power supplies.