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Noritake is a leading supplier of vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) offering higher brightness, wider viewing angles, wider temperature ranges, multiple functions and fonts, as well as advanced graphics capability.

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Noritake 3900 Series Graphic Displays

Noritake's 3900 series of graphic displays offers the most intelligent built-in features of any standard VF display modules in the industry. The displays have user window definition in up to four windows, easy action commands, graphics DMA mode, I/O port controllability, easy drawing function, and eight step brightness control, as well as character and bitmap image downloading. The module features several font tables, 14 international fonts, and font magnification, as well as fixed and proportional fonts.

Noritake Graphic Development Kits

Noritake's graphic development kits enable users to prepare development strategies for GUD 3000 and GUD 7000 series VFD modules. Each kit contains the corresponding VFD graphics display and stand, serial signal/power wire harness, and power supply, as well as a CD with application software, development source code, and specifications.

7000 Series Show and Tell™ Module

Noritake's Show and Tell™ module features advanced chip-in-glass and MCU technology, as well as superb built-in VFD graphics capability. Built-in features include eight levels of brightness control, a wide viewing angle, up to four independent windows with individual control, and a wide operating temperature range, as well as optional color optical filters and luminance. The Show and Tell™ module has fixed and proportional fonts, international font sets each with 16 user-defined characters, and font magnification up to four times horizontally and two times vertically.