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Rabbit Semiconductor RCM54X0 RabbitCore® Modules new product at Mouser Electronics

Rabbit Semiconductor RCM54X0 RabbitCore® Modules

The Rabbit Semiconductor RCM5400 and RCM5450 RabbitCore® modules integrate real-time control and Wi-Fi connectivity into embedded control applications and act as the controlling microprocessor for user-designed motherboards.

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Infineon KP125 Integrated Pressure Sensor ICs

Infineon KP125 integrated pressure sensor ICs provide highly accurate, highly sensitive measurements in barometric pressure measurement applications and include on-board diagnostics for broken wire detection.

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Infineon KP125 Integrated Pressure Sensor ICs <br>
Molex Easy-On™ FPC Connector<br> new product at Mouser Electronics

Molex Easy-On™ FPC Connector

Molex 0.30mm pitch Easy-On™ SMT FPC connectors are ideal for tight applications, provide an audible "click" when mated, and ensure a reliable connection with the cable-retention feature.

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LedEngin LZ4-4xxx10 Serially Connected MCPCB

The LedEngin LZ4-4xxx10 Serially Connected MCPCB option provides a convenient mounting method for 10W emitters by connecting four LED die in series and providing two anode and three cathode contact pads.

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LedEngin LZ4-4xxx10 Serially Connected MCPCB
Supertex CL3xx LED Drivers new product at Mouser Electronics

Supertex CL3xx LED Drivers

The Supertex CL3xx LED drivers drive three strings of LEDs at a constant current of 20, 25, or 30mA and contain separate enable pins for each channel to allow PWM dimming, three-step linear dimming, and individual disconnection of any faulty LED string.

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New to the Mouser linecard, Tektronix’s extensive product lines of test, measurement, and monitoring devices include oscilloscopes, arbitrary/function generators, and accessories. Their Quality Management System ensures consistent quality throughout the world.

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